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    Initially founded in 1972, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG) is a national large-sized backbone enterprise in construction machinery industry and is listed in Top 100 China’s Enterprises in Mechanical Industry and listed as a national-level high-tech enterprise.


    In 2006,SDLG cooperated with VOLVO(one of the World Top 500),which helped the company learn the management experience and technical support from the internationally tiptop enterprise. Such move strongly boosted SDLG's internationalization progress. 
    Here you can learn about SDLG’s history.
    SDLG wins multiple honors each year. Here you can see the pride of each SDLG people.
    SDLG has cultivated excellent cultural elements and established a solid corporate culture during its long-term development.
    SDLG is a model manufacturing informatization enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise.
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