Exclusive interview with SDLG’s booth designer Patrick Veasey
Release Date: 2010.11.27 Views: 210
Bauma China 2010 is about to be staged at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on November 23, 2010. SDLG’s dazzling booth will become the biggest highlight at the exhibition. To explore the distinctive design of the booth, 21-sun.com interviewed the British designer Patrick Vesey. As executive director of CWA, a famous British company, he introduced the design concept and functional layout of the booth.

A quality design work is a perfect combination of art and function, and SDLG’s booth exquisitely meets the requirement. The booth’s overall design matches SDLG’s vigorous spirit of constant development and innovation during business development. Avant-garde and innovation are the most distinctive features of the booth. The unveiling ceremony for new models on the scene of the exhibition broke the traditional mode and took full advantage of the exhibition’s structure to display four models in a unique and novel way. At the same time, functionally, the design created an atmosphere of brand experience center to interact with customers, reflecting the concept of humanization and making the most of the space.

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