SDLG appears at bauma China with full-range products
Release Date: 2010.11.23 Views: 197

At this year’s bauma China, the star enterprise Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG) outshone its counterparts, amazing visitors by its dazzling booth and catching eyes with a full range of products, including newly launched hydraulic excavators, knock-out products wheeled loaders as well as a wide variety of road equipment in four categories and of 14 types. SDGL’s products are winning trust from customers by their fresh images, exquisite processes and reliable quality. 


Flagship excavator unmatched
Since the launch of SDLG’s first excavator line in early 2010, SDLG’s excavators have drawn extensive attention in the industry. Within six months following the launch, SDLG conducted a careful survey of the trends of the Chinese excavator market and the demands of various working sites, and made full preparations for links such as manufacture, sale and service. So far, all the eight models of the series have gone into volume manufacture, and four flagship models have been unveiled first at bauma China, which represent SDLG’s latest achievements in product R & D and manufacture. The four models, LG6150, LG6210, LG6250 and LG6300, have the following characteristics: 


Each model uses a turbo-charged four-stoke diesel engine combining a water cooling system, an electric control monoblock pump and a charge air cooler, and meets the requirements of Ec Stage II and EPA Tier 2 for exhaust emission. The engine specific to excavators has characteristics such as high fuel economy, low noise and long life.

Air filter: three-stage filtration, including prefilter.

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