Hbzhan.com: SDLG Joins WWF Climate Savers Program
Release Date: 2012.03.07 Views: 265
Recently, the Future Cities Sustainability Forum and Climate Savers Program Signing Ceremony of Volvo Group and WWF was held in Sanya, China. SDLG has also successfully joined the Climate Savers Program and signed the agreement.

During the meeting, General Manager of SDLG Wen Degang said the the energy-saving and emission reduction of wheel loader products is the key to realize low carbon and environmental care of the construction machinery industry, which is also the major concern of SDLG. Loaders are the major products of construction machinery. Though the market inventory is less than 15% of the automobile industry, its fuel consumption is nearly 50% of automobile industry. A 5t loader will generate 52,200,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

He promises that SDLG will constantly develop energy-saving and low emission products duing 2009~2014 through the first and second generation of energy-saving technology. Hybrid power solutions will also be adopted to further reduce carbon dioxide emission. SDLG aims to achieve accumulative carbon dioxide reduction of 1,650,000 ton during the period.
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