SDLG organizes Tree-planting Day activity
Release Date: 2014.03.10 Views: 461
The spring comes and now it is the right time for planting trees. China has carried out the nationwide voluntary tree-planting campaign for 33 years and the 36th Tree Planting Day is coming (March 12th). On the morning of March 9, SDLG organized the staff to participate in the tree-planting activity held by Linyi City in the theme of “Youth • Green • Build a beautiful Linyi”.
At the tree planting site, the SDLG young volunteer team became a beautiful scene.

The theme of the tree planting activity is “Youth • Green • Build a beautiful Linyi”. The activity aims to promote the voluntary tree planting in Linyi City and publicize the ecological concept of " low-carbon and environmental care", advocate green and civilized way of life, and promote the whole society to cultivate a good habit of “low-carbon life, and consciously protect the environment”, so that Linyi City will have a clearer sky, more green land, more clean water and fresher air.

SDLG has always been committed to the field of energy conservation and contributed to build a better home. SDLG has established industry-leading energy saving technology, joined with WWF and participated in the carbon reduction plan, and actively planted trees. SDLG keeps making efforts to fulfill its social commitment to build a more beautiful home.
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