SDLG publicizes “Top Driver of China” Campaign with CCTV
Release Date: 2014.03.17 Views: 572
March 17, the launching ceremony of CCTV “Top Driver of China” series public service advertising is held in Beijing. As the initiator and organizer of the large public welfare campaign and the sole partner in the construction machinery industry, SDLG announced the launch of the second “Top Driver of China” campaign at the ceremony. SDLG welcomes all sectors of society to participate in the campaign to cultivate more “Top Driver of China” and promote civilized driving.
Initially founded in 1972, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SDLG) is a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry. SDLG became a joint venture and a member company of Volvo Group in 2006. SDLG undertakes the core concept of “Reliability in Action” and strives through continual innovation to provide customers more reliable products and services. SDLG’s main products include loaders, excavators, road rollers, motor graders, mining vehicles, and small-sized construction machinery series. SDLG loader products ranked first in terms of production and sales volume and export volume for successive years. SDLG loader has become the top loader brand in the world and has been recognized as “King of loader”.
Based on the industrial mission and the care for the grassroots workers, SDLG initiated the nationwide campaign “Top Driver of China” jointly with Mr. Guo Mingyi, the Moral Model of China. The campaign cares for the drivers and provides them free training and examination, as well as free meals and accommodation; helps them gain the National Vocational Qualification Certificate and promote their skills; and meanwhile finds excellent deeds performed by common workers, publicize good virtues and public benefit concept in the industry, and contribute more “positive energy” to the society. Lasting for six months, the campaign’s theme “Become ‘Top Driver of China’ and fulfill the Chinese Dream” has aroused resonance among drivers all over China, and it also drew great attention in the industry.
Inspired by the "Top Driver of China" campaign, CCTV launched the “Top Driver of China” series public service advertising in 2014. During the launching ceremony, the presenter Bai Yansong pointed out that it has become an increasingly serious problem in China that drivers are lack of legal consciousness and have weak safety protection capability, which not only covers road vehicle drivers but also includes construction machinery drivers. At present, the only way to improve traffic safety is to cultivate “good drivers”, which has reached a consensus in the society. To improve the public’s safety awareness, CCTV made a series of public service advertising, respectively the “Racer Series”, “Expert Series”, and “Engineering Vehicle Series”, and aroused a mass fervor of safe and civilized driving among the drivers.
The CCTV public service advertising is in accordance with SDLG’s “Top Driver of China” campaign, especially the “Engineering Vehicle Series”, which reflects CCTV’s concern in this field. “Top Driver of China 2014” will be completely upgraded in various aspects, which will benefit more grassroots workers and help them fulfill their career aspirations and their Chinese dreams. Meanwhile, SDLG also announced the official open of the “Driver Club”, which is a good platform for the construction machinery drivers to exchange and help each other. SDLG aims to establish the club as an excellent social organization to help the grassroots fulfill their Chinese Dreams and delivering “positive energy” continuously.
Yu Mengsheng, President of SDLG, said in an interview “welcome all sectors from society to join the public welfare cause. In 2014, "Top Driver of China" campaign will optimize the training contents and assessment to ensure that more excellent drivers show their talents and become examples of ‘Good Driver’. Combined with the CCTV’s public service advertising, we hope the campaign will again arouse the craze of “Becoming ‘Top Driver of China’ and fulfilling the Chinese Dream”.