Benefit more workers and deliver more positive energy
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February 26, the launching ceremony for the second SDLG "Top Driver of China" campaign and opening ceremony for the "Good Driver Club” of construction machinery industry was held in Jinan. Moral Model of China Guo Mingyi, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) Su Zimeng, Executive President of SDLG Yu Mengsheng, and Deputy General Manager of SDLG Yao Jinjun, as well as famous media, SDLG dealers and representatives of construction machinery drivers attended the ceremony.

Upgrade the campaign, benefit more workers
2014 Top Driver of China campaign will be fully upgraded in the depth, breadth and connotations of public benefits. The campaign will be publicized in more platforms and held in more cities, which will benefit more grassroots workers and help them realize their career aspirations and their Chinese dreams.
Yu Mengsheng said "In addition to free vocational training, the campaign will put more emphasis on the positive energy and public interests. The campaign has optimized the training contents and assessment standards towards the wide-recognized ‘good drivers’ who have good virtues and outstanding achievements, so as to ensure that they will have the opportunity to win the title of ‘Top Ten Good Driver of the Year’ ".
2014 " Top Driver of China " campaign will have 10 training camps respectively in Chengdu, Zunyi, Harbin, etc. covering more provinces compared to the last year’s campaign.
We welcome all the drivers to participate in the campaign, especially those who haven’t got the National Vocational Qualification Certificate. Necessary trainings and examinations will be held according to the number of registrants. It is expected that about 6,000 people will go in for the training camps in the 10 cities, which doubles the scale of last year.
To enhance the trainees’ theoretical knowledge, 2014 Top Driver of China campaign will hold the training, presentation or trial drive activities in advance and hand out the training materials, explain the knowledge points, and introduce examination requirements, so as to provide the trainee more learning and preparation time for them to pass the examination. And thus provide more reliable drivers for the industry.
Secretary General of CCMA Su Zimeng said
" 'Top Driver of China' campaign meets the demand for transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure in the construction machinery industry, meets the requirements of the rapid urbanization development, and meets desires of the drivers for skill improvement, and has delivered a large number of talents for the industry. It promotes the normative development of the industry and is like a timely rain and a surge of positive energy for the construction machinery industry. "

Contribute to public benefits, cultivate more good drivers
In 2013, SDLG established the “Guomingyi Caring Team SDLG Branch” jointly with Guo Mingyi, Moral Model of China and successor of Lei Feng, and sponsored a Hope Primary School for Haicheng City which is located in the mountainous areas of Liaoning Province.
In 2014, SDLG will expand the scale of Guo Mingyi Caring Team SDLG Branch and practice more public welfare activities together with the “Top Driver of China” training camps, like donations, emergency rescue, voluntary blood donation, emergency aid training, etc. so as to highlight the public welfare efforts of the campaign.
On behalf of SDLG, Yu Mengsheng made a promise at the meeting that SDLG will sponsor to build a new “SDLG Guo Mingyi Hope Primary School” in Daliang Mountain area of Sichuan Province, which will be the third Hope Primary School sponsored by SDLG.
In addition, SDLG also announced the official open of the “Good Driver Club” at the ceremony and issued the first batch membership cards. The club is a good platform for the construction machinery drivers to exchange and help each other, and it’s also an important channel for SDLG to pay back customers and the society. Some members of the club are also from Guomingyi Caring Team SDLG Branch and excellent drivers who participated in last year’s “Top Driver of China” campaign.
Yao Jinjun introduced the development direction and plan of the "Good Driver Club" at the meeting and said that the club would develop healthily and rapidly and became an outstanding social organization in helping the grassroots to fulfill their Chinese dreams and delivering positive energy.
"Top Driver of China" campaign covers multiple dimensions like customer care, industry standards, public welfare, and social values, etc., creating a precedent for the industry's practice of public welfare activity, which provides a new path for companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and is a perfect practice of “Chinese Dream” in the construction machinery industry. Under the downturn in the industry, sales pressure increases in 2014, however, SDLG continues to carry out the "Top Driver of China" campaign to help the grassroots workers to achieve their career aspirations and spread positive energy to the society, which fully embodies SDLG’s strong sense of responsibility and mission to promote the healthy development of the industry, and SDLG’s outstanding corporate culture.

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