SDLG conducted “Top Driver of China” campaign to promote professional skills
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April 26, 2013 the launching ceremony for the first SDLG "Top Driver of China" campaign and opening ceremony for the "Guo Mingyi Caring Team SDLG Branch” was held in Beijing. Chairman of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) Qi Jun, Moral Model of China Guo Mingyi, CEO of SDLG Yu Mengsheng, and Deputy General Manager of SDLG Yao Jinjun, as well as famous media, SDLG dealers and representatives of construction machinery drivers attended the ceremony.

Regulate the industry operating standards to improve talents professional skills
SDLG "Top Driver of China" campaign, launched by CCMA, is aimed at providing an opportunity of training and assessment for the front-line workers, improving their qualities and practicing operational standards. Meanwhile, SDLG expects that the campaign can explore all excellent qualities, such as sincerity, diligence, amicability etc. from these grassroots workers to promote the harmonious development of society.
"With the accelerating development of China’s urbanization, construction machinery business will face two situations: a new developmental opportunity and an urgent need to upgrade the industrial structure. Human resources are the key factor to achieve success. Recently, there are many problems among workers, such as lacking of standardization, unsubstantial safety awareness etc., which will restrict the sustainable development of business. As a leading industry of china construction machinery business, SDLG takes the lead in conducting “Top Driver of China”, distracting attention from equipments to workers, which provides a good reference for talent-cultivation and standard development of heavy industry.” Chairman of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) Qi Jun said.
CEO of SDLG Yu Mengsheng said that “the operators of SDLG‘s products are all matricial workers. These drivers devoted themselves to supporting the growth of SDLG and promoting the economic development. Therefore, SDLG will give more care and reward to these drivers to improve their professional skills and hearten them.”

Hundreds of thousands of drivers in the industry benefit from the activity
"Top Driver of China” will be held in thirteen cities from April to October. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of construction machinery drivers will join in the activity and acquire the National Vocational Qualification Certificate. It is the largest-scale campaign to standardize the operation which will play a profound impact on the construction machinery industry.
What kind of drivers can be the top driver? For most insiders, the top driver should have high-level skills with authentication certificate. However, SDLG pays more attention on drivers’ individual quality. Therefore, there will be many moving stories and talent shows besides the skill competition during the campaign. This public service activity is not only a perfect practice of ‘Chinese dream’ in heavy industry, but also reflects the strong sense of responsibility of SDLG in the normative development of the industry.

Dedicated in public service activity and assume social responsibility
The Flag presentation ceremony for the "Guo mingyi Caring Team-SDLG Branch” was also held during the launching ceremony for the first SDLG "Top Driver of China" campaign. Moral Model of China Guo Mingyi was invited to attend and give a speech. Education sponsorship is an important work for Guo and SDLG Branch will carry out series of caring activities related to education. SDLG will sponsor to build a hope primary school in the name of “Guo mingyi Caring Team”, which will be the second hope primary school established by SDLG. This action and “Top Driver of China" campaign supplements each other.
As a backbone industry for economic development and guarantee of people’s happiness, construction machinery industry must pay attention to normative talent cultivation. “Top Driver of China" has showed many hardworking drivers. There is no normative training system in china’s construction machinery industry for a long time. As a leader in china’s construction machinery industry, SDLG plays an important role in talent-cultivation and standardizing worker’s operation through “Top Driver of China" campaign, which will accelerate the fulfillment of the drivers’ “Chinese dream”.

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