With equal consideration on virtues and skills, the list of “Top 10 Driver of China” reveals
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Excellent skills and good virtues are the necessary quality that “Top Driver of China” should have. November 28-29, the high-level training camp of the “Top Driver of China” campaign was open in Linyi, Shandong Province, in the theme of “Become ‘Top Driver of China’ and fulfill the Chinese Dream”. More than 100 outstanding drivers out of the 3,000 trainees received high-level training in the camp, and they demonstrated the best quality as qualified operators.

Chairman of CCMA Qi Jun and Chairman Wang Zhizhong present awards for winners of “Top 10 Driver of China”

The high-level training camp consists of public welfare training, theoretical knowledge training and practical operation assessment. Only qualified operator with both good virtues and outstanding skills can be named "Top Driver of China". Eventually, 10 drivers were awarded the title "Top Driver of China". They are respectively loader drivers Li Chengcheng from Zhengzhou camp, Tang Xingyun from Changsha camp, Meng Lingyong from Anshan camp, Yang Xingwu from Wuhan camp and Bao Jianjiang from Lanzhou camp, and excavator drivers Jia Shehong from Xi’a camp, Liang Zhouyan from Changchun camp, Zhang Xuming from Fuzhou camp, Weng Haidong from Anshan camp, and Wei Minglang from Nanning camp. The prize-giving ceremony was held on the evening of November 29. Chairman of CCMA Qi Jun, Deputy Secretary General of CCMA Jiang Lin, Chairman of SDLG Wang Zhizhong, CEO of SDLG Yu Mengsheng, and General Manager of SDLG Wen Degang, as well as mainstream media attended the ceremony. 

Chairman of CCMA Qi Jun highly praises the “Top Driver of China” campaign

SDLG CEO Yu Mengsheng explains the significance of the “Top Driver of China” campaign

General Manager of SDLG Wen Degang makes summary report

SDLG launched the "Top Driver of China" campaign to help ordinary people realize their “big dreams”. The campaign selects good drivers with both good virtues and strong capabilities and encourages more construction machinery drivers to behave themselves as “good drivers” and realize their dreams. The activity has attracted tens of thousands excavator and loader operators. “Top Driver of China” has become a fever in cities where the training camps are held. The activity cares for the grassroots and helps them build confidence and fulfill their dreams, which wins high popularity in China.

Member of “Guo Mingyi Caring Team” gives a lecture for trainees of “Top Driver of China”

“Top Driver of China” training camp explores merits of common people

It is reported that in the high-level training camp, it is not pure skill competition, grassroots impressive deeds like reliable and steady work, dedication and diligent efforts, and merits in the ordinary people values much. Individual’s virtues is also considered as an important element in the assessment for “Top 10 Driver of China”. SDLG CEO Yu Mengsheng said that “The activity aims to cultivate really good driver of China, and only drivers with both good virtues and high skills are worthy of the title ‘Top Driver of China’.”

Standard operation and accurate movement is the premise of becoming “Top Driver of China”

Loader operation assessment

Though there are few finalists to the “Top 10 Driver of China”, the activity has drawn great attention in the industry. Chairman of CCMA Qi Jun said that “’Top Driver of China’ activity helps the grassroots drivers gain more job opportunities and vocational guarantee, and delivered many qualified operators for the industry. In addition, it explores the merits in the common laborers and delivers great positive energy to the industry and the whole society.”

With the release of the "Top 10 Driver of China", more drivers will join in the team of good drivers.

The activity delivers positive and progressive spirit of simple workers to the public. With the release of the "Top 10 Driver of China", it will inspire more ordinary people to join the team of "good drivers" and to pursue their dreams.


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