SDLG actively provides earthquake disaster relief support
Release Date: 2008.06.11 Views: 522
May 12, 2008—the great Wenchuan Ms 8.0 earthquake shocked the world. The sudden disaster caused tremendous pain and anguish to the Sichuan people.
From the moment the disaster occurred, each SDLG staff was concerned about people in the disaster areas. As the Chinese saying goes, “When disaster struck, help came from all sides.” SDLG held the disaster relief donation meeting in time and decided to donate 3 sets of 953 loaders and 7 sets of 933 loaders valued 2.18 million RMB to the disaster areas. SDLG sent Office Director of the Marketing Company Ding Weiduo to Chengdu City to coordinate with local dealers and handle the donation procedures. Besides, SDLG also donated 200,000 RMB to the disaster areas through Shandong Charity Federation.
All SDLG’s staff eagerly donated for the disaster areas. Ding Gebin donated 1,800 RMB and quilts and other supplies valued 500 RMB; Ma Qiang donated 1,000 RMB… some staff donated blood in the Blood Center…which fully demonstrated the boundless love among Chinese people.  On the morning of May 14, 2,200 employees donated 316,924 RMB; May 27 , all the CPC members donated their extra Party Membership dues totaled 27,510 RMB. All the donations have been delivered to the earthquake-stricken areas.
The company also suspended production of some loader parts products and worked overtime to make tent poles for the disaster areas. After three days of busy work, the first batch of 82 sets of tent poles was delivered to the disaster areas on May 26th.
We believe that all the donations are full of love and will give our compatriots confidence and strength to overcome the disaster and rebuild their homes!
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