SDLG GuoMingyi Hope Primary School is finished
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"Finally I can play in the playground!"
"I'm going to learn computer tomorrow!"
In the Xiali Primary School in Anshan Chagou County, the happy cheers of the children declare the start of their new school life. WIth bright and spacious classrooms, modern computer rooms, a library full of new books ... the new campus is like a paradise to the children compared to the previous crowded classroom and uneven playground.
November 19, SDLG Guo Mingyi Hope Primary School was inaugurated. Guo Mingyi, the national moral model and successor of Lei Feng, leaders from Haicheng City, Wang Yong , Chairman of SDLG Labour Union, and students and teachers from the school participated in the inauguration ceremony. Xiali Primary School officially changed its name. Looking at the new campus, library and computer room, the teachers and children smile happily.
However, four months ago, there were still dilapidated school buildings. Two of the three Teaching Buildings have been identified as dangerous buildings. The 197 students and 11 teachers can only squeeze in the six classrooms of the last building; the per capita floor area is less than one square meter. In 4 months, from dilapidated buildings to the new buildings, from crowded to spacious environment, it all starts with a commitment to change. In April, at the launching ceremony of SDLG’s "Driver of China" campaign,
SDLG set up the "Guo Mingyi Caring Team SDLG Branch jointly with Guo Mingyi, the national moral model and successor of Lei Feng, and promised to build a Hope Primary School in the year. Eventually Xiali Primary School became the beneficiary of the campaign. Now the new school buildings are finished and SDLG has fulfilled its commitment.
At the sight of the children’s hopeful eyes, Chairman of SDLG’s Labour Union Wang Yong said that “I am very excited that finally the teachers and students will study and work in the new school buildings. It is an encouragement to SDLG. We will build more Hope Primary Schools in the future, so that more children can receive better education.”
For over 40 years, as the backbone enterprise in China’s construction machinery industry, SDLG has been committed to a series of public welfare activities including energy-saving and environmental protection, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, etc. to deliver compassionate care and promote the “positive energy”. Education support is the important element of SDLG’s public welfare cause.
Back in the 1990s, SDLG started the education sponsorship plan and built the Pengjialing Hope Primary School in Mengyin County to support the Hope Project in the Yimeng old revolutionary base areas. SDLG also built the Tazihong Hope Primary School two years ago in Kashi, Xinjiang Province, where the children’s study and living conditions are greatly improved.
Public welfare activity is only part of SDLG’s efforts in the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility. April 2013, SDLG initiated the “Driver of China” Campaign, providing free training and evaluation for the construction machinery operators. The activity was successfully held in 14 cities, benefiting more than 3,000 construction machinery operators nationwide.
In the sunny early winter, Children in the SDLG GuoMingyi Hope Primary School are happily studying in their new classrooms. While for SDLG, there are still a lot more to do for the public welfare cause. In the future, SDLG will help improve the learning environments for more children in poverty-stricken areas. As a large construction machinery enterprise, SDLG will do better to fulfill its social responsibility in a more far-sighted perspective.
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