SDLG’s Ten Events in 2014
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In 2014, facing the "new normal" of economic development, as an industrial pillar and leader, SDLG sized up the situation, went on a new journey of "second startup", and made painstaking efforts to achieve one success after another in 2014. SDLG's ten events in 2014 are as follows:

I. Secretary Wang Qishan acclaimed the innovation model of "one full, two creations and three integrations" during visiting SDLG

On May 14, Wang Qishan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, visited SDLG in the company of provincial and municipal leaders.
Wang acclaimed SDLG's innovative management model of "one full, two creations and three integrations" on the production site, noting that talents and technical innovation are enterprises' core competitiveness, enterprises should intensify R&D input and talent training, solidly establish brand awareness and make great efforts to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies. He was pleased to see SDLG operate in good conditions and make rapid technical progress, saying encouragingly, "China's manufacturing industry depends on you!"


II. SDLG shows brand value as one of Top 500 Asia Brands

On June 25, the World Brand Lab unveiled 2014 "Most Valuable Chinese Brands" in Beijing. SDLG was ranked 167th with a brand value of 13.672 billion yuan; on September 9, SDLG was included in the list of Top 500 Asia Brands, ranking 86th ahead of other Chinese construction machinery manufacturers.


III. SDLG wins "Governor Quality Award" for practicing model of excellent performance in "year of quality improvement"

On December 10, the Shandong Provincial People's Government released the "List of Organizations and Individuals Winning the 5th Governor Quality Award". SDLG made the list. As a representative of Linyi's industry, SDLG was Linyi's first enterprise to win the top provincial quality award.
SDLG determined 2014 as the "year of quality improvement", vigorously practiced the model of excellent performance, comprehensively implemented the quality policy of "reinforcement, perfecting, stabilization and improvement", and integrated them with lean production, technical innovation and corporate culture building, so as to develop its core advantage.


IV. Guo Mingyi boosts SDLG Public Action, " China Top Driver " sweeps across China

On March 17, CCTV’s "China Top Driver" public service advertisements were released in Beijing. As the sponsor for the "China Top Drive" public activity and an initiator of "China Top Drive" public service advertisements, SDLG joined hands with CCTV to promote civilized driving to make the public platform of "China Top Drive" known across the country.
On October 16, Guo Mingyi Charity Hope School was inaugurated in Lianbu, Butuo, Sichuan Province. On November 3, Guo Mingyi, vice chairman of the All China Federation of Trade Unions and a national moral model, gave a public lecture on "China Top Drive" Advanced Training Camp. SDLG's devotion to public welfare undertakings earned high praise from public welfare activists and organizations.


V. SDLG shows tremendous technical strength at Bauma China

From November 25 to 28, SDLG showed up at Bauma China 2014 as a highlight of the exhibition. At the new product launch conference, SDLG won the CE certificate from TüV Rheinland, an independent third-party detection and certification technology service agency, thus gaining access to the EU market.


VI. Marketing elitists gather in Jinan for "second startup"

On January 6, SDLG 2014 Business Conference was held in Jinan, raising the curtain of "second startup".
This is a grand blueprint sizing up situation and aiming for the future. It will guide us in keeping high morale in the new situation, inheriting entrepreneurial spirit, determinedly bidding farewell to the "golden decade" and taking a road of transformation. Full of confidence, with diligence and the passion for entrepreneurship, SDLG's staff will, together with all its distributors, forge ahead against all odds and meet the next hopeful decade.


VII. SDLG makes substantial achievements in technical innovation

On July 4, SDLG's 11 new product achievements passed the provincial appraisal. Present were celebrated experts and customer representatives from Shandong University, Jilin University, Shandong University of Technology and the China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision Testing Center. Upon rigorous field examination, they affirmed that eight excavators including LG6135E has been up to advanced international standards and the other three have been up to leading standards among domestic similar products.


VIII. Dubai Training Base inaugurated to quicken brand globalization

On June 30, SDLG Dubai Training Base was inaugurated in Dubai. Constructed by SDLG and Volvo, the base will build the basic framework for SDLG's service training internationalization with Russia Training Base and Brazil Training Base under construction, and lay a solid foundation for SDLG's brand globalization.


IX. Gathering in SDLG to fulfill SDLG dream

On July 12, the 4th SDLG Family Day was held at SDLG Industry Park under the theme of "One Family, One Dream". Over 1,000 families and over 3,500 participants shared joy and care hand in hand and heart to heart. SDLG Chairman Wang Zhizhong wrote a congratulatory inscription for the event.
"SDLG Family Day" is a day for SDLG and its families. It integrated unswerving sentiments, sowed the enterprise's great love, brought families and the enterprise closer, and embodied the high recognition of "SDLG dream".


X. "Full Process, Whole Heart" service brand launched

On September 3, SDLG launched the "Full Process, Whole Heart" service brand which covers "lifecycle service", "360-degree service" and "6+1 service commitments". The rich brand connotation will promote the all-round transformation of SDLG's marketing and create a new model of "whole value chain marketing", just as SDLG Executive President Yu Mengsheng said at the launch conference, "The launch of the service brand will support SDLG in comprehensively improving its service capacity, promote the fast transformation of marketing, extend the after market value chain and create more business growth points", and "Full Process, Whole Heart" will open a new era of "quality experience, value upgrading" for SDLG's services.


SDLG's new strategy of "transformation and upgrading" featuring "great ideas, great strategies and great moves" portrays the prosperity of the new spring. Facing new challenges, Chairman Wang Zhizhong noted that the new normal tests mentality, wisdom and willpower. Technical innovation, structural optimization, marketing upgrading and management improvement is the only way for the long prosperity of SDLG. Aiming at the direction, SDLG's staff is keeping to the development path characteristic of SDLG, working under the guidance of the concept of "efficiency foremost, technical leadership, innovation drive and intensive development", and opening a new page for corporate development in the process of building a century-old enterprise!

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