SDLG launches Top Driver initiative in Thailand
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Celebrating the launch of SDLG’s Thailand Top Driver program. Left to right are: Zhang Peidong councillor of the Ministry of Commerce at the Chinese embassy in Thailand; Yu Mengsheng, executive president of SDLG; Yuthachai Charanachitta, group CEO of Italthai Group; and Sawan Kulchanok, Inspector of Skill Development Department at Thailand Labour Ministry.

For the first time, SDLG is expanding its Top Driver campaign – aimed at promoting machine operators’ skills and safety practices – into the global market. Thailand Top Driver will include a mix of training programs and operator challenges, with the winner taking home 100,000 Baht (US$3,000).
Shandong Lingong Machinery Co., Ltd (known as Lingong) launched the SDLG China Top Driver campaign in 2013 and now in its third consecutive year, it is estimated to attract over 10,000 participants from across China. Building on its domestic success, the SDLG Thailand Top Driver campaign launched yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand, in partnership with SDLG’s national distributor Italthai Industrial (ITI).
The launch of the campaign was announced at ITI’s 60th anniversary event, celebrating six decades of commercial success in Thailand. Thailand Top Driver has been endorsed by Thailand’s Skill Development Department, Ministry of Labour, and all competitors will receive a certificate of participation from the Italthai Technical Academy (ITA). In addition, the top three winners will take home cash prizes of 100,000 Baht (US$3,000); 80,000 Baht (US$2,500) and 50,000 Baht (US$1,500) respectively.
Speaking at the event, SDLG’s executive president, Yu Mengsheng, said:
“I am proud to see our Top Driver campaign expand into overseas markets. Our aim with the program was always to set new standards for the construction industry by promoting the right values and increasing the skill levels of workers in our industry. Through our partnership with the ITA and Thailand’s Ministry of Labour, we hope to see more job opportunities for those who take part and a growing awareness of good operating practices throughout the industry.”

Yu Mengsheng, executive president of SDLG, delivering a speech at the SDLG Top driver launch in conjunction with local dealer Italthai’s 60th anniversary event.
The SDLG Thailand Top Driver program includes a series of well-designed training courses and participants will be tested and qualified during boot camps – including machine operating skills and the maintenance of parts and components. The competition is open to anyone interested in the heavy equipment industry, whether they currently operate machinery or not.
Participants from across Thailand are now being invited to register for the 2015 Thailand Top Driver competition that will kick off its first round in Suphanburi Province in the west of the country, from May 25 to 29. This event will be followed by first-round competitions in Surat Thani in the south, from June 22 to 26, and in Khon Kaen in the northeast from July 2 to 6.
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