SDLG Works with WWF to Create and Lead a New Era of the Industry in Environmental Protection
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China Top Driver Activity 2016 is about to have its official tart in late-June. This public benefit activity with the largest scale and the highest profile in engineering machinery industry, has swept over 21 provinces and autonomous regions across the country and cultivated tens of thousands of “China Top Drivers” with both morality and talent over three consecutive years of popularization and upgrading. It is reported that China Top Driver will fully upgrade its user care and public benefit activities in the three years to come, launch its all-round support plan for user growth from 2016 and launch a series of training courses and preferential policies to help users to upgrade their cause. At the same time, it puts the focus of public benefit activities on the field of environmental protection and unites with WWF to mobilize the group of top drivers to participate in environmental protection action and fulfill the green initiative.

In 2013, SDLG launched the activity of “China Top Driver” to show its concern and care for the front-line practitioners and help the vast engineering machinery operators to obtain professional certificates, uplift personal quality and competitiveness and embark on the regularized and professional growth path. At the same time, it worked together with National Moral Model Guo Mingyi to popularize the concept of public benefit in the industry and spread grassroots models and virtue stories, which has generated enormous attention in the industry and the media. In 2014, SDLG cooperated with CCTV to release public service advertising of “China Top Driver” series; in 2015, SDLG brought “China Top Driver” to the world and organized “Thailand Top Driver ”Activity as well. This was the first time of China’s engineering machinery industry to output its activity mode to foreign countries, making it an international benchmark in public benefit. Also, “China Top Driver” was fully upgraded into “Global Top Driver”.

SDLG always pays attention to the industry and users with high sense of responsibility and mission and marches forward against the market in the throes of China’s economic transformation. It stands higher to deeply think the direction for upgrading while it keeps holding the activity of top driver. With regard to the existing environmental pollution, raging haze and other urgent problems the society is facing now, as the leading enterprise in engineering machinery industry, it should undertake more responsibility and mission, including popularizing more environmentally-friendly F-series products, training practitioners to implement environmental construction and reduce pollution and spreading the idea of environmental protection in the industry so that more operators and labors would develop the habit of energy conservation and emission reduction, etc. To this end, the direction of public benefit of Top Driver Activity 2016 will be refocused on the field of environmental protection and public benefit, and SDLG will cooperate with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to carry out a series of environmental protection volunteer activities in hot regions of domestic engineering machinery industry, involving mine environmental governance, protection of rare species and many other public benefit projects.

China Top Driver Activity 2016will expand from south to north with its first stop in Yunfu of Guangdong Province, including professional training, environmental protection training, appraisal of occupational skills, environmental protection volunteer action and so on. Finally, “Top Driver of the Year” will be chosen step by step according to activity performance and personal stories. At the same time, Top Driver Activity inherits the concern and love of SDLG for users. Except for continuing to organize free training and appraisal of occupational skills and helping users to obtain professional certificates, it also especially launches the all-round support plan for user growth throughout the process from research and development, production, marketing to service and re-integrates the value chain to provide users with full-field training support, customized product support, financial support to encourage business start-ups and post-market support in full life circle. It adopts the mode of “four-wheel drive” to help engineering machinery users to realize career upgrading or self-employment so that more engineering machinery operators or small and medium users could step on the road to wealth.

The three-year Top Driver Activity has cultivated a group of top drivers mainly composed of the 80’s and 90’s, who are not only more excellent in work and life, but active in taking part in rescue and relief work and various relief work, making them elites among engineering machinery operators. In the research on the activity direction, over 85% hope to participate in more public benefit activities. This activity is not only designed to encourage Top Driver participants involved in previous three activities to recommend outstanding operators around them, but also open to the front-line practitioners who are devoted to realizing their professional goals and enthusiastic in taking part in public benefit activities. Also, people of all circles who love and have been engaged in environmental protection cause and willing to take active part in WWF projects are welcome to sign upon the official website of Top Driver. It hopes to gather together the environmentalists inside and outside the engineering machinery industry through the flag of Top Driver Activity to create a bigger public benefit platform.
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