SDLG joins hands with WWF to date green in 2016
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SDLG joins hands with WWF to date green in 2016

At 5 PM, June 20, 2016, SDLG joined hands with World Wide Fund (WWF) again. The signing ceremony of the agreement on strategic cooperation was held in Yunfu, Guangdong Province. This was a warm-up before the kickoff of 2016 "SDLG Good Drivers".
Journalists and guests were curious about the connection between 2016 "SDLG Good Drivers" and WWF. At the signing ceremony, Wen Degang, general manager of SDLG and Zhang Yifei, head of WWF, told the reason. There is some other reason for choosing Yunfu.

Scene of the signing ceremony between SDLG and WWF

In recent years, environmental protection has become increasingly important. With the mandatory implementation of tier 3 emission standards, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the most urgent and critical issue in the industry. Energy conservation and environmental protection depends on technologies and products, as well as good operation habits. Regarding this, Wen said that SDLG will adjust the philanthropic direction of "SDLG Good Drivers", refocus on environmental protection, and turn the event which has lasted three years into an environmental action.
"So, WWF and we decided to upgrade our relations to global partnership. From 2016, based on 'SDLG Good Drivers', we will build a larger global charity platform to drive customers to pay attention to, join and spread environmental protection," said Wen.


Zhang Yifei, representative of WWF, speaks highly of SDLG's contributions to environmental protection since 2012, and welcomes the renewal of the strategic cooperation agreement between SDLG and WWF

According to Zhang, the cooperation between SDLG and WWF dates back to 2012. That year SDLG joined the WWF "Climate Savers Programme", undertaking to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 1.65 million tons in three years, strictly honored its commitment afterwards and continued to perform the mission of carbon emission reduction after fulfilling this target. Also, SDLG took an active part in programs such as "Earth Hour", and spread the environmental concept of WWF to upstream and downstream industrial sectors and the whole industry through its market position and influence.
At the signing ceremony of the global partnership agreement between SDLG and WWF, Wen first thanked WWF for its trust in and support to SDLG, expecting to build a greater global charity platform through the cooperation to link construction machinery to environmental protection and drive customers to join environmental protection operation.
In the long term, SDLG has upheld the principle of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection whether in product R & D or in business philosophy.


Wen Degang, general manager of SDLG, delivers a speech

SDLG initiated the R & D of energy-conserving products early 10 years ago, launched first-generation energy-conserving loaders in 2009 to become an industrial model for energy conservation, and launched second-generation energy-conserving products in 2012-"Series N" represented by 953N and 956N.
With high quality, high efficiency and outstanding energy conservation effects, "Series N" has overcome green barriers in international trade to successfully enter the overseas market and export products to over 80 countries. In 2014, SDLG's energy-conserving products were further certified by CE to access high-end European and American markets.
Energy conservation is eternal. After three years of efforts, SDLG launched Series F in 2015. Integrating environmental protection and energy conservation technology with intelligent control technology, advantageous in energy conservation, reliability, comfort and aesthetics, it is a preferred series for upgrading after tier 3 emission standards come into effect.
While upgrading products, SDLG is striving to reduce production emission in ways such as technical innovation and management optimization, and reduce energy consumption through PV power generation. In the future, SDLG will invest heavily to construct intelligent plants in a bid to achieve the goal of "zero emission in production".

This agreement will cover ongoing programs such as "Climate Savers Program" and "Earth Hour", as well as upcoming "Good Drivers Environmental Volunteer Action". The two sides will mobilize the whole industry to promote energy conservation and environmental protection and perform the green mission by actual deeds.


Agreement signing is just a beginning, there is a long way to go

"'Good Drivers Environmental Volunteer Action' encourages good drivers to join this action, opens to first-line practitioners enthusiastic about charity, and welcomes all walks of life loving the cause of environmental protection and willing to join WWF programs. Let's join hands to protect environment with construction machinery!" Wen said finally, showing SDLG's confidence and determination to fulfill the cause of environmental protection.

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