SDLG joins hands with CCTV Golden Theatre
Release Date: 2011.06.30 Views: 314
Following the appearance in the prime time of CCTV last year, SDLG’s new advertisement will come back at 8:25 p.m. in the Golden Theatre of CCTV-1 from July 2 to December 30. According to sources, CCTV advertising is SDLG’s major carrier to build an all-around brand image to promote the brand of “SDLG” in depth and breadth.

In recent years, SDLG’s management has become increasingly internationalized, with its products enriched constantly. As corporate strength surged, SDLG has embarked upon brand building. SDLG has kept introducing new modes of brand marketing and conducted effective promotion apparent in the industry, thus becoming a pioneer of modes of industry brand marketing. Vigorous brand promotion in CCTV has made SDLG’s brand image more popular, its reliable products have earned it customers’ recognition and favor, and sales of its key products have soared.

According to the latest data of, from January to May this year, the cumulative sales of SDLG’s loaders increased by over 40 percent year on year, far above their counterparts, and the role of key products has improved a bit. In the first five months, SDLG’s excavator sales maintained strong momentum with over 2,000 units. It thus can be seen that the seamless coverage of CCTV advertising has achieved expected effects, and that SDLG’s distinctive and vigorous brand marketing has produced prominent effects. In the future, SDLG will further enhance brand popularity and influence in a diversified manner and through various channels to provide brand guarantee and support for SDLG to achieve the three-year strategic goal as soon as possible.
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