SDLG joins hands with CSL as forerunner of sports marketing
Release Date: 2010.11.11 Views: 278
On November 11, 2010, Changshu, Jiangsu witnessed an enterprising move of SDLG, a famous Chinese construction machinery brand. Here, SDLG concluded a three-year agreement with China Super League Corporation (CSLC) on sponsoring China Super League 2011. This was the first and only construction machinery brand that had entered into a strategic partnership with China Super League (CSL), by which SDLG launched the mode and strategy of brand promotion of sports marketing. In the day, Wei Di, chairman of China Football Administrative Center; Yu Hongchen, chairman of CSLC; Yu Mengsheng, president of SDLG, as well as over 100 mainstream media outlets from around the country attended the grand signing ceremony.

Wei thanked SDLG for its support, saying, “Despite a lot of challenges ahead, China’s football faces various opportunities likewise. I am delighted to see CSL had a new partner—SDLG, and would hereby express my admiration for SDLG’s vision. SDLG is undoubtedly insightful, and its joining will inject new vitality into China’s football. On the premise of cooperation in promoting the healthy development of China’s football, we have every reason to believe that CSL will grow more steadily based on previous successes and setbacks.”


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