SDLG organizes representatives to watch F1H2O U.I.M.
—— World Champion 2010 as its senior partner
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From October 2 to 3, the Linyi leg of F1H2O U.I.M. World Champion 2010 was held on the Yihe River.

As a senior partner of the competition, SDLG organized over 700 representatives of domestic distributors and suppliers as well as SDLG’s worker representatives to watch the opening ceremony and final on the afternoon of October 3.

11 teams and tens of veteran motorboaters from countries like Italy, France, Portugal, Finland, Russia, UAE and Saudi Arabia gathered along the Yihe River for the two-day competition. According to the schedule, the competition will kick off on October 2, involves races such as practice race, timed trace, qualifying race and main race. Then, competitors will present a spectacular aquatic feast to aquatic sport enthusiasts. 

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