SDLG, CJD conclude strategic agreement
Release Date: 2009.11.20 Views: 293
On November 19, the signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between SDLG and CJD was held in Lingong, Shandong, Ron Rafferty, chairman of CJD, together with leaders of SDLG such as Executive President Yu Mengsheng, Chief Engineer Zhi Kaiyin and Yao Jinjun, general manager of SDLG Marketing Co., Ltd., were present.

Yu expressed best wishes for the conclusion of the agreement, noting the two parties should hold fast to the principles of “support, confidence and understanding”, SDLG will offer CJD the strongest support through product sales and services, the presence of CJD’s chairman has shown its great attention to the cooperation and makes SDLG confident of sincere cooperation. The sales of Volvo’s agent in Brazil were successful, which have also made us confident. As long as valuing the cooperation, both parties will make new improvements in the cooperation period.

Rafferty thanked SDLG for its warm reception, and said he has never seen such a clean and tidy plant and has the honor to cooperate with such a great enterprise. In the past five years, CJD has witnessed SDLG’s development in Australia, and SDLG has done well at home and is believed to do as well in Australia.
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