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—— SDLG launches LG6360E excavator
Release Date: 2012.07.23 Views: 238

SDLG hold a grand ceremony today in its excavator workshop for celebrating its 36 tonne LG6360E hydraulic excavator rolling off the production line. Executive president of SDLG Yu Mengsheng, general manager of SDLG Wen Degang, senior advisor and Labour Union chairman Wang Yong, financial director of SDLG Zhang Hua, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of SDLG Zhou Weisheng, CFO of Volvo Construction Equipment (China) Pan Yunlong and representatives of SDLG’s dealers all over China attended the ceremony.

The launch of LG6360E is a significant event in the development history of SDLG excavator, it fills in its gaps in the field of large-sized high-end excavators and will further improve the competitive force of SDLG excavators.

As one of the five new-generation products launched this year, LG6360E hydraulic excavator adopts brand new styling and high-end configuration, with main component parts imported from foreign manufacturers, featuring high reliability and returns and adaptability to various rough working environments.

According to the statistics, the market share of 36 tonne excavator has reached to 12.5%. With the launch of LG6360E, SDLG will further perfect its excavator production structure, building a complete product line from mini excavators to high-end excavators.

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