SDLG Promotion held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Release Date: 2012.10.18 Views: 232

On September 17th, SDLG held a promotion activity in Dammam, an oil town in the east part of Saudi Arabia. The general manager of SDLG Import and Export Company Wang Xiaohui, the management of the local distributor and more than 90 customers in Damman and around attended the promotion.



Mr. Amal, the executive president of Saudi distributor said that SDLG supplied powerful and high-reliability products for the Saudi market, and the marketing network spreading all over Saudi Arabia offered timely and reliable services for all the customers in Saudi Arabia.



Wang Xiaohui, general manager of SDLG Import and Export Company, said: “Saudi plays an important role in SDLG’s overseas strategy. SDLG will offer a wider range of produce lines and integrated solutions in the future, as well as excellent services and timely parts supply.”



A customer who owns 3 SDLG LG958L loaders said that the products he bought feature strong power and reliable performance; all the three loaders have been working for over 10000 hours without any quality problem; the timely maintenance and services also ensure the excellent operating condition of the machines.



Along with the increase of the infrastructure investment by the government, Saudi Arabia as a potential market in the Middle East becomes an emerging market in the construction machinery industry. During the promotion, 5 loaders were purchased on the spot, and another dozens of customers showed their intentions to buy the products. In the future, SDLG will continue to increase the investment on the sales channel, brand marketing and parts service in the Middle East.

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