SDLG unveils LNG-powered wheel loaders for special applications
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From the world’s number one producer of wheel loaders, comes a new LNG-powered unit that offers the same robust and reliable performance SDLG customers expect, but with a 40% energy saving over traditional diesel-powered models.

Already the world’s biggest selling wheel loader company, the Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd (known as Lingong) is continuing to develop and expand its SDLG line of wheel loaders with the latest introduction being two new models powered by LNG. The models are the 6 t SDLG LG968N and the 5 t SDLG LG956L and both are perfectly suited to projects where low-emission machinery is required or to customers looking for lower energy-consumption alternatives to the company’s line of regular diesel-powered wheel loaders

LNG is one of the cleanest burning fuels – which not only means lower emissions but also less corrosion to engine parts compared with traditional fuels. This in turn leads to lower maintenance costs, giving customers a faster return on their investment. 

Wang Xiaohui, export manager at SDLG said, “As we look to expand  SDLG both domestically and internationally, we are looking at our product line and responding to changing customer needs,” he said. “Initially we expect these LNG-powered wheel loaders to only be sold in China and the volumes will be quite small. But to maintain our industry-leading position we must ensure we keep moving our company and our products forward and these new LNG-powered loaders demonstrate our ambition to continually grow.” 

Robust engine powers versatile machine

Both the new LNG-powered loaders have an electronic-injection Weichai Stage III engine. This can offer fuel savings of up to 40% in comparison with diesel-fuelled equivalents. The high-torque Weichai engine combined with hard-wearing components results in a machine that is suited to a variety of applications, including mining, quarrying, road maintenance and construction.  

The internal ventilation system allows the LNG-fuelled engine to function even in 45°C temperatures, broadening its potential scope of operation.   

Durable parts make a tough machine

The LG968N features the Lingong-designed VRT 200 countershaft hydraulic-shift transmission as standard. The machine’s structural components have all been specially designed to suit any job site and undergo rigorous strength tests at the Lingong manufacturing headquarters in Linyi, China, to ensure their durability.
The LG956L is designed for optimum break-out force to ensure a full bucket load every cycle


Model specifications

  LG968N LG956L
Operating weight 20140 kg 107120 kg
Maximum tractive force ≥165 kN ≥160 kN
Minimum turning radius outside of rear tire) 6398mm 6036mm
Maximum breakout force ≥210 kN ≥180 kN
Maximum grade ability 28° 30°
Engine rated power 191 kW 162 kW
Engine rated speed 2,100 rpm 2,000 rpm

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