The first SDLG excavators in North Africa are already at work, helping to make history in Morocco by playing an important role in the construction of the first high-speed rail line in the country.
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Offering an uncompromising performance at a lower cost and up to 40% energy saving, the new generation SDLG wheel loader models powered by liquefied natural gas (also known as LNG) offer the return-of-investment savvy consumers a new option.

Already a leading wheel loader manufacturer in mainland China, the world-class construction machinery manufacturer Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd drove the revolution by developing two new wheel loader models powered by LNG -- the 6 t SDLG LG968N and the 5 t SDLG LG956L wheel loaders, in a bid to further satisfy the increasing market demand on fuel-saving, emission-cutting machinery.

Robust engine drives multi-tasking machine

Both driven by the electricity-injection Weichai engine boasting national III emission rate, the LNG-powered SDLG LG968N, respectively SDLG LG956L wheel-loaders contribute to fuel saving of up to 50%, in comparison with a diesel powered one, offering stronger power and increased reliability. The high-torque engine maximizes the performance in a variety of applications, such as shovelling, compacting, hoisting, and aggravating. Coupled with a heat ventilation system which allows for normal function even in 45 Celsius degree temperature, the LNG-powered engine makes lower maintenance costs, lower emissions rate, as well as lower fuel costs reality, which justifies its name as all-round, multi-tasking machines that deliver satisfactory results in any terrain and in any weather condition.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Configured with four forward and four reverse gears, both models are featured with an automatic power-off setting and 1-2 auto shift key function. Designed with a powerful and single-lever hydraulic control system, the LG968N wheel loader offers energy saving while maximizing ease of operation and lowering the fatigue rate. The ergonomic controls within the operator’s cab feature a reverse-view camera as standard and wrap-around glass designed for enhanced operator safety and increased visibility. The heating system ensures that operators have a comfortable ride in any weather condition.

The SDLG designed VRT 200 countershaft hydraulic shifting transmission and the structural components are specially adapted for jobsite conditions and put through rigorous strength tests to ensure the durability of parts.


Reliable engine gear up high-power performance at lower energy cost
The LNG-powered LG956L wheel loader is designed for optimum break-out force to ensure a full bucket load every cycle – improving productivity and efficiency. The machine’s water-proof weight distribution system and high tipping load guarantee stable operation in even the toughest terrain. The machine also features the powerful Weichai engine with ZF powershift transmision qualified to the national phase III emission standard.
Apart from the standard setting that reminds one of a diesel-powered wheel loader, the SDLG LG956L is smartly configured with a variety of installations including a log grapple, quick coupler and pallet fork for increased versatility in various applications, including shovelling, traction, and compacting, inverted stacking.
Durable transmission system enables more reliable performance
Configured to allow forward two, and reverse one settings, this load-sensing hydraulic articulated steering transmission makes the machine easy to operate. The structural components are specially adapted for job site conditions and put through 20,000-time strength tests to ensure the durability of parts.
The standard natural gas cylinder teamed with the planetary power shift transmission allow for stronger shock-absorbing effect, longer machine-durability and more reliable low-temperature endurance.
Different from other diesel-powered wheel loaders, these two LNG-powered machines are true energy-savers without sacrificing robust performance that can conquer any tough terrain.   Customers will benefit not only from the fast return of investment but also from the reliable and efficient aftermarket support available throughout the machine’s lifetime. Through its quick and effective maintenance, SDLG has showcased its excellent parts and service commitment to many of its fleer owners. 
Model specifications

  LG968N LG956L
Operating weight 20140 kg 107120 kg
Maximum tractive force ≥165 kN ≥160 kN
Minimum turning radius (outside of rear tire) 6398mm 6036mm
Maximum breakout force ≥210 kN ≥180 kN
Minimum fuel consumption  190 g/ kW.h 190 g/kW.h
Transmission mode  Counter-shaft electronic-hydraulic shifting  Planetary powershift  
Maximum grade ability 28° 30°
Engine rated power 191 kW 162 kW
Engine rated speed 2,100 rpm 2,000 rpm

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