SDLG launches productive and reliable G9190 motor grader to Indonesian market
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Leading Chinese construction equipment manufacturer, Shandong Lingong Machinery Co., Ltd., launched the 146kw powerful and highly productive G9190 motor grader at Mining Indonesia 2013. The new machine – from the brand renowned for its excellent value – features a hydraulically-controlled movable blade for ultimate precision and performance.

If you’re looking for a motor grader that offers high productivity, reliability and precision grading, look no further than SDLG’s new G9190, which is being launched at Mining Indonesia 2013, taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia (4-7 September 2013). The 146 kW motor grader is powered by the German-designed Dalian Deutz electronic injection engine and offers premium performance on any terrain – from highways and airports to construction and agricultural applications.

SDLG is renowned for its robust and reliable machines and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wheel loaders, excavators and road machinery. The company has a global support and parts distribution network that is growing at a fast pace. The G9190 motor grader offers customers a 13ft (3,962mm) moldboard as standard for wider grade coverage.

Precision and performance

The turbocharged Dalian Deutz Stage II engine not only saves energy but maximizes performance. The low-noise engine is perfectly matched to the grader’s electro-hydraulic transmission control system, allowing the operator to select the correct gear depending on load, for optimum efficiency and power.

The new motor grader offers enhanced grading performance. With optimized weight distribution, the machine has an impressive 82 kN tractive force while its blade is operated via the unit’s Moveable Blade Control System (MBCS) for ultimate grading precision. The blade can rotate through a full 360° and incline up to a 90° gradient.

A motor grader’s productivity is determined through the blade down force and draw bar pull. SDLG’s G9190 boasts a world-class down force of 8,386kg to maximize the cut depth without front-end drift.

New generation cab  

The G9190 motor grader’s cab features the latest generation of operator comforts, with a new falling-object and roll-over protection structure (FOPS/ROPS) and wrap-around glass for enhanced visibility. The new cab design incorporates a more ergonomic control layout to improve precision. And the operator can work in comfort with the new shock-absorbent seat that minimizes vibration during operation.


Model specifications
Operating weight 15,800 kg
Tractive force 82 kN
Maximum blade inclination 90°
Blade rotation angle 360°
Engine rated power 146 kW
Engine rated speed 2,400 rpm


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