‘Well engineered’ value loader spurs production at Australian compost plant
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The Australian farm industry has faced a difficult time amid challenging terms of trade in recent years. Now, more than ever, expanding what the farm can produce and diversifying its business is a matter of survival. One Queensland-based farm business has demonstrated how this can be done very successfully with the help of reliable construction equipment that offers fast return on investment.

JR Lang has produced and sold cattle for generations at the family-owned, 1,000-hectare Broadmeadows Farm in Nankin, QL. The beef is processed at the nearby Teys Brothers abattoir – and it was here that the company’s owner, Rob Lang, spotted an opportunity. Waste products from the cow’s stomach that cannot be sold to the food industry, and were previously disposed of, can in fact be used to produce compost – so JR Lang devised a plan and then launched a process to handle this stomach waste.

Power and performance at the right price
Seven years ago when the new venture started, the Langs were using an agricultural tractor to assist with the new process but as the business grew from a sideline to a major source of income, so too did the need for bigger machinery. A few years ago, the family purchased an SDLG-branded LG938L wheel loader to handle the work – manufactured by the world’s leading producer of wheel loaders, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (known as Lingong). The purchase was made through the brand’s national distributor, CJD Equipment, in Brisbane.

“The machine offers a durable fuel pump and air cleaner, excellent torque, in-cab air conditioning, easy radiator access, good cooling capacity and easy transmission shift patterns,” explains Rob Lang. “We went for the long frame for improved dumping height as our dump trucks are over six foot (1.83 m) tall.”

The machine’s long wheel base means it can stay stable on any terrain while maintaining the tipping height. The LG938L wheel loader has already completed many hours of hard work – handling around 10,000 m3 of compost each year.

“It offers high power and it’s fast,” Lang continues. “It loads 80 m3 with the 1.8 m3 bucket attached – and it has also proved to be more fuel efficient than other construction equipment brands that we’ve used in the past.”

The 3 t LG938L is designed for optimum break-out force to ensure a full bucket load every cycle – improving productivity and efficiency.

SDLG wheel loaders are manufactured along with excavators, road machinery and other construction equipment at Lingong’s world-class production facilities in the Shandong Province of China. The company uses industry-leading lean manufacturing processes to eliminate waste, improve efficiency – and most importantly, maximize quality. This means costs are kept to a minimum and savings are passed on to the customer.

“Buying the SDLG wheel loader has been a good decision,” Lang confirms. “And the value for money is outstanding.”

Reliable service when you need it most
With demand increasing for compost to enrich the unfertile soils of Australia’s coastal areas, JR Lang requires robust and reliable equipment – and fast, effective service to keep the machines running.

“The machines are well engineered – we’ve had zero wear,” explains Lang.

And while the family is capable of carrying out small maintenance jobs, they rely on CJD Equipment to undertake the scheduled services.

“CJD Equipment has been very good – you can always get someone on the phone and they know what they’re talking about,” says Lang.

Founded in 1974, CJD Equipment is a trusted dealer of construction equipment and the only Australia-wide distributor of SDLG machinery. The company has a network of dealer and service centers nationwide to offer localized service.


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