SDLG machines support Ghana’s development
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As the West African country of Ghana continues its consistent GDP growth, substantial investment in industry and infrastructure has followed. One leading Ghanaian company, Justmoh Group, is using SDLG equipment to help the country achieve its growth ambitions.

Today, Justmoh Group is well-positioned to take advantage of the expansion in Ghana’s economy and is one of the most successful companies in the country in the fields of general construction, mining, dam building and quarrying. Supporting the company’s growth are the versatile and reliable SDLG-branded machines from Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., which Justmoh chooses for the wide array of projects it is involved with. SDLG is one of China’s leading brands in the construction equipment industry, and it is also one of the world’s biggest selling wheel loader brands.

“With so much development in Ghana happening so quickly, we had to increase our capacity and needed machines that not only performed well but were capable of tackling long working hours in tough  conditions,” says Justice Amoh, CEO and founder of the Justmoh Group. “We have used other brands of machinery but have found that SDLG’s machines were more reliable and the company has a best-in-class level of after sales support, through its dealer SMT Ghana Ltd.”

SMT Ghana is the authorized dealer of SDLG in Ghana, with its head office in Accra. The company has two additional branches in Tarkwa and Kumasi.

With a population of 25 million and a land mass covering 239,000 km2, Ghana is rich in many natural resources, including gold and oil. As West Africa’s second largest economy, the World Bank upgraded it to a middle income country in 2010 and in 2011 it witnessed its highest increase in GDP with 14.4% growth, following the start-up of oil production. In the last three years it has seen stable growth of GDP of over 7% per year.

On the road

Justmoh has over 23 years of experience in road construction and is taking advantage of this surge in economic growth. Among the many projects the company is involved with are several road projects outside Takoradi – western Ghana’s largest city. Among the machines on these jobs are an SDLG LGS814L compactor, SDLG LGG8200 grader and an SDLG LG956L wheel loader.

Justmoh’s productivity with its SDLG equipment is perhaps best demonstrated through the working hours it has achieved with its LGG8200 grader. Having only been on site for four months, its power shift transmission and engine from Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. Ltd., have enabled it to clock up over 700 hours already.

“The SDLG LGG8200 gets the job done faster than any machine I have previously experienced,” says its operator, Michael Tugal. “The machine has very good down force on the blade and rim pull. It is also comfortable to operate as is well balanced, with no tire spinning.”

Also crucial in road construction is the spreading of the materials to create a durable and smooth surface. This is the job of the SDLG LGS814L compactor. It is currently operating with a smooth drum but can be easily adjusted to accommodate a pad foot. With a vibrating force of 264 kN this gives enough power on the ground to simply and effectively compact an assortment of soil and rock fillings. The fully enclosed cab has clear visibility and air conditioning – vital in a country where average temperatures are over 30°C.

Industry on the rise

Industry output in Ghana grew 2.3% in 2013, according to the Ghanaian statistical service, with close to a third of that growth coming from the mining and quarrying sector. This is another area where Justmoh has well–established operations and in its granite quarry in the coastal town of Sekondi, the company has been making good use of its 5 t capacity SDLG LG956L wheel loader.

The LG956L has a turning cylinder with breakout force of 17.5 t, and lifting cylinder with a force of 15.4 t, which is vital in supporting Justmoh’s activities at the quarry, where volumes can reach 500 t/hour. Its long shaft space also increases the machine’s stability with an overturning loading capability of 12.5 t. The LG956L is easy to control and has a single joystick for both boom and bucket.

“As we further boost our activities we need to increase capacity to remain competitive.” says Amoh. “We need reliable machines with maximum up-time to keep production running so we can keep loading our customers’ trucks. SDLG equipment has made an extremely positive impact and will definitely play a part in our progress and Ghana’s future development.”


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