96 custom-built wheel loaders delivered to Russia in record time
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SDLG wins out in race against the clock to build and deliver almost 100 custom loaders to GBU Zhilishnik for use on Russian infrastructure projects. 
When GBU Zhilishnik released a tender for 96 wheel loaders to support infrastructure building projects across the vastness of Russia bids from all the big players rolled in. But only one brand prevailed – SDLG.

GBU Zhilishnik selected SDLG as its partner brand for the projects because of the equipment’s technology, improved configuration and ease of control. The LG944MSK wheel loaders were specially built for the contract, with customization including widening the chassis to increase stability when operating on uneven terrain and boosting the engine power rating to suit loading heavy building materials.

SDLG is the brand of Shandong Lingong Machinery Co., Ltd. (known as Lingong), which manufactures SDLG-branded machines from its factories in Linyi, China, and Pederneiras, Brazil. Its robust and reliable range of wheel loaders, excavators and road machinery were first launched in Russia a decade ago, since when the company has gone from strength to strength – becoming the market leader in Russia’s wheel loader segment.

“The bidding criteria were extremely tough,” explains Yu Mengsheng, CEO of Lingong. “Not only did we have to re-design the machine but also the lead time was extremely short. Thanks to our lean manufacturing techniques, we were able to adapt the design, build and deliver the 96 machines in less than four months. We are now more confident about our ability to serve customers in Russia by offering a broad range of cost-effective product options, along with our existing well-established aftermarket service and spare parts support.”

Chief Technology Officer Mr Zhi Kaiying from SDLG shaking hands with Mr Alexey Sharin, Chief Technical Officer from GBU Zhilishnikafter the key-transferring ceremony for the LG944MSK wheel loader model- in the background.

Model presenting the LG944MSK wheel loader, a 96-order bid won by SDLG at Backstage, Moscow


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