SDLG delivers keynote speech at China industry conference
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SDLG’s COO spoke at the China Industry and Producer Services Forum telling delegates how SDLG has transitioned from being a manufacturer to a complete solution provider.
The China Industry and Producer Services Forum, co-organized by the Ministry of Industrial Information and the China Industry Newspaper, was held in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on 18th September. Over 300 people from the industrial and ecomonic sectors gathered to hear keynote speakers including a standing committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); the chief of the Subcommittee of Economy; the chair of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, and other corporate representatives from industrial sectors.
SDLG was the only OEM invited to speak and Wen Degang, chief operations officer, delivered an overview on the company’s transition from being solely a manufacturer to a total solutions provider – offering aftermarket services, financial solutions, parts delivery and maintenance support to customers worldwide.
He said: “As a homegrown brand, SDLG has tapped into the resources provided by the Chinese domestic market to achieve economies of scale over the past four decades. We now face future challenges posed by the overseas markets and a new era where mass production is no longer a guarantee of success - SDLG must be agile and adapt through innovation.”
The forum coincided with a new policy issued by Chinese Congress announcing a major move to restructure the industrial sector to contribute further development to China’s economy. The forum was designed to communicate the most important aspects of the policy and propel the integration between regular industrial activities and the aftermarket service and support sector.
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