2018 Shandong Lingong Top Driver in Russia is carried out hotly!
Release Date: 2018.04.03 Views: 403
At the end of March, in the historic city of Novozovsky in Stavropol Krai, the 2018 Shandong Linggong Top Driver in Russiais carried out hotly, and the "News" column of Russia's state television channel "Russia" reports this activity synchronously. 
Despite the fact that the temperature in the early spring of Novozovsky was only -7°C to -1°C, and the apparent temperature was even lower due to the drizzle, yet this still did not hold back the enthusiasm of the people of Caucasus. Shandong Linggong's loaders and graders lined up in a row were as stable as the mountains, making the nearly 100 on-site customers felt the industrial power of heavy equipment. 
After the ethnic dance featuring traditional Caucasian characteristics, the 2018 Shandong Lingong Top Driver in Russia was officially carried out, and 16 elite drivers from all walks of life such as construction materials, agriculture, logistics and mining fields began the three subjects of this competition including orbiting around pile and backing the car, precisely positioning of the bucket, and limit discharging, which integrating the vehicle marching under operating conditions, operation cycle, the driver's vehicle performance control and other items. The atmosphere of the live competition was high, and the master showdown also broke fresh ground to the on-site customer for the experience of efficiency. 
After multi levels of selection, Kalyaushkin Denis Alexandrovich from NERUDSTROY finally won the championship with a one-second advantage. This made everyone on the scene exclaimed. The exciting competition on the one hand verified the exquisite skills of the drivers and on the other represented the ultimate performance of Shandong Linggong's loader products. 
As Kalyaushkin Denis Alexandrovich said in an interview with the “News” column of Russia’s state television “Russia” channel, Shandong Lingong had always been considering quality as the basis, reliability as the key, and made the “tool” nature of the machinery create real maximum benefits for customers. At the same time, the large-scale public welfare activity of the top driver in Russia initiated by Shandong Lingong also let the whole society pay attention to the professional group of drivers, led the good atmosphere of social development, paid close attention to the conscientious development of the professional groups of drivers, and effectively promoted economic development with practical strength. 
Shandong Lingong will carry out the Top Driver activity in several Russian Federal Districts later on, pay attention to the sound development of the professional occupation groups of all Russian drivers, provide excellent and reliable equipment for each user, provide the training of driver theory and operational skills for customers free of charge, improve driver’s level of operation and work efficiency, and also make a contribution to the development of Russian society.