SDLG Provided Technical Training for New Products in India
Release Date: 2018.03.28 Views: 399
In 2018, SDLG will launch in India market three loader models with greatest competitiveness, namely, SDLG L933/L936/L946. These three models are high-end and low-end products to meet demands of different clients. For the first time, the three models are equipped with Weichai WP6 engines featuring three-phase emissions. To improve service and upgrade service staff’s ability of serving the engines, 15 service staff from eight dealers in Northern India and 21 service staff from nine dealers in Southern India came to Indore and Bangalore to receive 2-week training program for overhaul of WP6 Weichai three-stage engine and training program on service of new products L933/L936/L946. 
The training course combined theory with practice. While teaching theories to service staff, the training program also taught the structural features and points of attention for maintenance of Weichai three-phase engines by disassembling the engine on the site. While learning the entire machine, the trainer explained the machine by asking the trainees to walk around the engine so that they could better understand the configurations and structural features of 3t series loaders, thus improving the trainees’ cognition of SDLG new products and helping them comprehend the product knowledge. At the same time, by presenting cases of operation, maintenance and market performance, the training program encouraged the trainees to think from various perspectives, discuss with each other and be practical, so as to help with analysis and solution to problems while improving their ability of using the knowledge. 
In terms of the system configurations, SDLG focused on structural characteristics of machines and their operation and maintenance, as well as the functions of engine, transmission drive axle, hydraulics and electronic systems. At the same time, the trainees learned how to use the special detecting tools of SDLG, how to use L@M to query product information and how to use 3D for training and learning, etc. Through the training program, the service staff got familiar with product configuration and structural principles while learning how to use the service support systems of SDLG’s L@M and 3D training, thus improving the service support in India market. 
In 2018, SDLG Export & Import Corporation will provide stronger support to overseas marketing service. It will fully consider the needs of the regions so as to solve the possible problems in new product launch and service, thus laying a solid foundation for the promotion and service of new products in the market. 
SDLG service never lets people down. We will continue to make efforts and push forward overseas marketing service, so as to make SDLG the No.1 brand of China’s engineering machinery in terms of overseas service. 
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