SDLG's MEA dealers participate in "SDLG Sales Day"
Release Date: 2018.03.23 Views: 342
SDLG launched a lot of new products abroad last year. To offer overseas dealers better knowledge of these products and faster meet overseas customers' needs, SDLG Export Company organized "SDLG Sales Day" for its Middle East and African dealers. The event ran for three days from March 20 to 22, brought together about 40 salespersons of dealers, and included plant visit, product introduction, sales experience sharing and workshop, prototype operations and other activities.
During the plant visit, the salespersons were shocked by SDLG's high production efficiency attributable to management innovation, listened to introductions carefully and stopped to view products from time to time. SDLG has improved in R&D and manufacturing considerably compared to five or six years ago to overtake other its Chinese peers, said them.
At the sales workshop, the outstanding salespersons shared their successful market experience and practice; SDLG Export Company analyzed business problems and challenges with the dealers, to come up with more and better ideas. Through product introductions, new sales strategies and product orientation came forth.
During the prototype experience, SDLG Export Company presented 15 products including loaders, excavators, rollers, graders and backhoe loaders for rotational experience, ensuring that each salesperson experienced each unit for at least 30 minutes. After actual operations, some salespersons changed their previous belief, thinking some products are comparable to Korean products and some European and American products.
Then SDLG Export Company, the EMEA Division and the R&D Department introduced SDLG's business development, background support and future product launch plan. The communication boosted the spirit and energy of these business elitists who undertook to return with new knowledge, ideas and strategies to better serve local customers. 
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