SDLG's large-tonnage loaders set out for Latin America in New Year
Release Date: 2018.03.02 Views: 242
 At the beginning of the New Year, when the whole country was immersed in a festive atmosphere, two LG978 large-tonnage loaders were laded in Shanghai and set out for Argentina on a journey of Latin America.
As one of the most important countries in Latin America, Argentina is rich in mineral resources. With the recovery of international mineral prices, the Argentinean construction machinery market has gradually rejuvenated. In 2017, SDLG exported more than 200 units to Argentina. Outstanding product quality and services have earned SDLG the market and a good reputation. In view of the superb performance of SDLG loaders in its mine, Centro Vial decided to purchase more. When it decided to purchase two SDLG LG958 loaders in 2015, it never thought that the two Chinese loaders would remain efficient after working 20 hours a day and nearly 220 days a year for two years.
"With a history of more than 80 years, we mainly supply aggregate to cement plants and stones to construction sites. We have used equipment from different countries. We purchased the SDLG loaders because of their high cost performance, we had to make a careful choice because of low mineral prices then, now it seems that we made a right decision to choose SDLG," said Victor, Equipment Director of Centro Vital.
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