Reliable SDLG wheel loaders keep Malaysian solid waste plant running smoothly
Release Date: 2018.03.07 Views: 395

An SDLG LG936L and L956F handle solid waste at the Taman Beringin Transfer Station in Kuala Lumpur, providing a healthy return on investment for their owners.

At the Taman Beringin Transfer Station in Kuala Lumpur, approximately 1,700 t of rubbish is taken in daily for sorting and compaction. The solid waste plant’s treacherous grounds, which are filled with such objects as sharp nails, glass shards and toxic materials, are extremely tough on all its support machines. It’s a demanding job that requires well-made, reliable equipment backed by outstanding aftermarket service to keep the plant’s operations running smoothly and efficiently.

So, when Taman Beringin Transfer Station’s operator was looking to update its support fleet, it decided to rent the SDLG L956F and the LG936L from Cerapac, a Selangor-based equipment rental company. Deployed in the station’s intake and sorting operations, the SDLG wheel loaders offer reliability and capacity while receiving attentive aftermarket support—a combination which translates to a low cost of ownership, as Manogaran Palani, managing director of Cerapac, explained.

“We lease our machines out in applications such as waste management, where damage is almost inevitable. It is therefore prudent for us to build our rental fleet with SDLG’s value machines as their cost of ownership is lower than premium brands,” he said.

The pair of SDLG wheel loaders plays a vital role in the smooth operations of the transfer station, working 10 hours each day. First, they unload rubbish from arriving compactor trucks at the end of their rounds in Kuala Lumpur. After unloading, the refuse gets sorted into dry and wet piles. The dry waste is compacted before the wheel loaders transfer the load onto bigger trucks that head for the Tagar Sanitary Landfill, which is in the neighboring state of Selangor, about 55 km away, where the solid waste is disposed.         

The L936L has an operating weight of about 10,750kg. It has a rated load of 3 t and a bucket capacity of 1.4 m3 to 3.0 m3. The wheel loader has a maximum breakout force of 96 kN and a tipping load of 66 kN. The L956F has an operating weight of 17,200 kg. It has a rated load of 5 t and a bucket capacity of 3.0 m3. The wheel loader has a maximum breakout force of 175 kN and a tipping load of 110 kN.

SDLG wheel loaders are commonly leased out by Cerapac. The LG936L and the L956F are part of a group of 11 SDLG wheel loaders that the company owns: LG936L (four units), LG938L (two), L956F (four) and the L968F (one). One reason the company is satisfied with its SDLG fleet is the support provided to it by local dealer Tan Chong Industrial Machinery (TCIM).

“I am very impressed by the aftermarket support offered by TCIM,” Manogaran said. “Anytime I call them for support, they have always been quick to respond. And if there is a breakdown, TCIM will provide a replacement machine, which helps me keep my customers happy while repairs are underway.”

Cerapac’s services include rental of heavy construction machinery, earthworks and site clearing, railway rehabilitation and formation, river rehabilitation and dredging, civil and infrastructure, road works, building demolition works, and drainage works. The company has offices in the Malaysian states of Perak, Penang, Pahang, Johor and KL.