SDLG Works with Alibaba to Establish the Intelligent Internet+ Manufacturer
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On February 5, 2018, SDLG and Alibaba, in the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou, signed agreement about getting into holistic and profound cooperation on procurement through, Aliyun, Internet of Things and big data, etc., so as to create higher values and provide fresher experience for clients. The agreement will help SDLG transform more quickly towards Internet+ manufacturing. 
Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou
 Discussions in the meeting
As the world’s largest B2B e-commerce company, Alibaba is a respected company of innovations and a pride of all companies in China. SDLG is the world-renowned engineering machinery manufacturer and service provider, one of the leading engineering machinery manufacturers and one of the top three engineering machinery exporters in China. Of the more than 100 products manufactured by SDLG, 21 take the leading position in the world. It is the first manufacturer in the industry in China that has broken the core technical barriers of key parts and components and ended the technical monopoly in high-end hydraulic parts by other countries. The partnership between Alibaba and SDLG will definitely produce more brilliant results. 
The partnership aims at SDLG Internet+ manufacturing
The Alibaba and SDLG first got into cooperation in 2014 when the latter started to cooperate with and Alibaba in Internet business. In 2016, SDLG opened its flagship store in Alibaba International to promote its brand and sell spare parts. In 2017, SDLG opened more flagship stores and expanded promotion of other OEM products in the Group. During the Business Plan Conference in August 2017, SDLG organized the visit to Binjiang facility of Alibaba. Both parties were amazed by the achievements made by the other. They reached intent of cooperation on procurement made by large companies, which gradually led to the said partnership. 
President Wen Degang of SDLG
At the signing ceremony, SDLG President Mr. Wen Degang said, “SDLG set the strategy of fusing with Internet in 2016. It has made and implemented the program of developing high-end and intelligent manufacturing, which aligns with the strategic goals of Shandong Provincial Government and Alibaba Group. The agreement, in which the two parties get into holistic and profound cooperation on procurement through, Aliyun, Internet of Things and big data, etc., will help SDLG transform more quickly towards Internet+ manufacturing.”
 Vice President Zhao Wei of Alibaba CBU
According to Alibaba Vice President Mr. Zhao Wei, “In recent years, SDLG has made huge investments in intelligent factory, system application and big data, etc., making major achievements in combining industrialization with information development, and taking the leading position in lean production and intelligent manufacturing. As their cooperation goes deeper, Alibaba is ready to get into deeper cooperation with SDLG in Internet, procurement, cloud computing, big data and intelligent technologies, thus facilitating upgrading of manufacturing industry in China and shifting the old kinetic energy to the new energy.”
Get into profound strategic cooperation to shift from the old kinetic energy into the new energy
On December 26, 2017, Shandong Provincial Government got into holistic strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group, aiming to transform and upgrade manufacturing industry in Shandong, build the platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, and develop a number of benchmark projects in the field of intelligent manufacturing by adopting new technologies, new industries, new business forms and new models. 
As the leading engineering machinery manufacturer in Shandong Province, SDLG has set the strategy of fusing with Internet in early years, making and implementing the program of high-end and intelligent manufacturing. It has made huge investments in intelligent factory, system application and big data. The partnership with Alibaba perfectly matches the strategy of Shandong Provincial Government featured by shift from old kinetic energy to the new energy and innovations of intelligent manufacturing. 
SDLG signs agreement of strategic cooperation with Big Data Center in the School of Software in Tsinghua University and North Valley Research
In 2015 SDLG started the profound cooperation with Tsinghua University to cooperate on researches in intelligent manufacturing and Internet application. The School of Software, Tsinghua University uses its R&D ability in big-data technologies, policies and other advantages to help SDLG make holistic and innovative upgrading; uses big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies to make innovations in product design, delivery and marketing; and optimizes cooperation along the industrial chain and even across the chain so that SDLG will become a demo in Internet+ manufacturing in the engineering machinery industry. 
Nowadays, SDLG has basically realized automatic welding, logistics and assembly, accelerated upgrading of production and management towards digital, information and intelligent development, expanded the intelligent production units and production lines, and improved the level of soft production and agile manufacturing. Nowadays, SDLG is now taking the leading position in the industry in terms of lean production and intelligent manufacturing. 
Signing Ceremony
By establishing profound partnership with Alibaba, SDLG will apply AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies of Aliyun, and continue to identify the new model of intelligent transformation and fulfill new manufacturing in such aspects as optimizing the production techniques, reducing the energy consumption and making technical innovations. 
Manufacturing industry in China is now growing from big size to strong ability, from “made in China” to “developed in China”. The partnership between modern manufacturer and high-tech company proficient in Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things can stimulate potential of design, production, management and service, etc. It will definitely bring new power to the traditional engineering machinery industry that is embracing the era of Made in China 2025 Strategy and Industry 4.0 Strategy. 
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