Golden Supply Chains Wins AREQP Award for SDLG
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On September 20th, the 15th Asian Network for Quality Conference was held in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. Over 200 representatives from more than ten countries and regions participated in the conference. Thanks to its excellent innovation practices in excellent performance management in recent years, SDLG won the 15thAREQP Award, the highest quality award in Asia.
Founded in 2002, Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) aims to promote the rapid development of quality management in Asia. ANQ consists of 17 non-profit quality organizations from such countries and regions as China, Japan, India, South Korea and Singapore. To motivate organizations and individuals, ANQ offers AREQP Award (for organizations) and Kaoru Ishikawa Award (for individuals).
Consistent Requirement for High Quality
During the 45 years after its foundation in 1972, SDLG has been consistently focused on quality development and specialized in construction machinery. It aims to be a specialized giant. Presently, SDLG has developed into an international contruction machinery enterprise and been listed as a national-level hi-tech enterprise.
In 2006, SDLG introduced the excellent performance management mode. In 2014, SDLG won Shandong Governor Quality Award for continuous innovative practices. In 2015, SDLG received China Machinery Industry Quality Award. In 2016, SDLG received National Quality Award with the highest site rating. In 2017, SDLGreceived AREQP Award, which showed that SDLG’s quality had been highly recognized by the industry.
Thanks to high reputation, SDLG’s three series, namely loaders, excavators and road machinery, have taken a large share in global market. In the sector of loaders, SDLG has been recognized as Demonstration Enterprise of Specialized Leader by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. High-quality excavators and graders of SDLG have also been recognized by customers. Meanwhile, SDLG has also made breakthroughs in the field of core components and parts. In China, only the main control valves produced by SDLG have been installed in a large scale and don’t break down after working for over 7,000 hours.
Innovation of Golden Supply Chains
Long-term market competition has helped SDLG realize that the competition of quality mainly relies on supply chains. If related manufacturers cannot provide high-quality products, the reliability of the complete machine will not be improved fundamentally. Therefore, in 2012, SDLG attached priority to setting up golden supply chains based on “honesty-oriented and win-win cooperation”. In order to gradually establish a win-win partnership, SDLG selected and integrated some core components and parts manufacturers.
In terms of development positioning, SDLG has always been committed to developing together with its supply chains at the same pace to “be synchronized in five areas”: concept, management, quality, capacity and service.
In terms of specific measures, SDLG established aprocurementcommittee, which consists of executives and experts in such fields as R&D, quality, production and aftermarket. By setting up specialized leading teams in line with product lines, SDLG can provide the strongest support and guarantee for suppliers’ development.
SDLG has established an impeccable management procedure in the full life cycle of suppliers, and maturely applied a series of tools to ensure the consistency of components and parts delivered by suppliers, such as suppliers planning, suppliers assessment, suppliers development procedure, suppliers hierarchical management, supplier’s comments, supplier’s quality improvement, and suppliers risk management.
The Company calls the suppliers only for SDLG as golden suppliers. For these businesses, SDLG has established professional support teams which mainly look at lean production and synchronized advance. Firstly, development concepts should be unified through regular exchanges between executives of SDLG and suppliers. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and semiannual exchanges, studies and assessments at different levels should be conducted to ensure synchronized development of golden suppliers and SDLG.
By adhering to the idea of “Innovation-drive, Quality First” and for the purpose of “Centurial SDLG”, SDLG is constantly pursuing excellent quality to create the most satisfied and recommended brand in the engineering machinery industry.
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