SDLG to appear at BICES 2017 with loaders up to world's highest emission standards
Release Date: 2017.09.06 Views: 1402
The 14th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES 2017) will open on September 20 under the theme of "Green Intelligence, Sharing the Future". As a domestic key manufacturer that developed energy-conserving products earliest and has kept ahead in energy conservation and environmental protection, SDLG will launch eco-friendly loaders up to the world's highest emission standards at the exhibition, appearing with "integrated construction machinery solutions" and a strong lineup of 15 products in five categories (loader, excavator, road roller, truck, grader).
In the context of a new climax in infrastructural construction across the country and the full recovery of the construction machinery and related industries, BICES 2017 has drawn close industry attention. Since the T3 emission standards for non-road vehicles came into effect in 2016, energy conservation and emission reduction has become the main direction of construction machinery. SDLG first developed energy-conserving products 10 years ago, launched first-generation energy-conserving loaders in 2009 and second-generation energy-conserving loaders in 2012, conserved energy by more than 20 percent and achieved great market success. In 2015, SDLG launched fully-upgraded F series, achieved a sales switch and led in T3 product upgrading once again.
SDLG's new-generation loaders to be launched at BICES 2017 are up to CE standards practiced in developed European and American countries. CE standards, more rigid than China's T4 standards, have the most executive level in the world. SDLG got the pass to the European and American markets after passing the CE certification of TÜV Rheinland in 2014. Through more than three years of validation, SDLG's related technologies and products have become mature. SDLG will upgrade several bestselling products and launch new loaders up to CE standards in China. There is a great controversy over T4 standards. SDLG's launch of new products up to CE standards in this context will become a focus at BICES 2017.
The product is always a key topic of major events. SDLG enjoys a comfortable lead in the environmental protection of products, is consolidating its advantage in energy conservation and is developing in the direction of serialization, clustering and differentiation. On the basis of the steady improvement of product quality, the gradual enrichment of product types and the fast upgrading of new products, through years of rich experience, SDLG is changing from a product supplier into a solution provider. SDLG will appear at BICES 2017 with 15 products in five categories (loader, excavator, road roller, truck, grader), and launch "integrated construction machinery solutions" specific to industries and business types. With the gradual maturation of the Chinese construction machinery market, equipment and service demands will gradually be diversified. Construction machinery customers are looking forward to more comprehensive, professional and refined solutions duly launched by SDLG.
This year marks the 45th anniversary of SDLG. Driven by a series of commemorative events, SDLG has developed rapidly into a phenomenal topic, attracting strong attention from inside and outside the industry. Before the BRICS Summit, CCTV News introduced the surge in China's export to other BRICS members with SDLG as an example, showing that SDLG has become a key domestic construction machinery export enterprise.
During BICES 2017, SDLG will deliver a series of major events such as Good Driver Award Ceremony 2017 and partner signing, and present rich gifts to visitors. We welcome construction machinery customers and friends from all circles to our booth N121.