SDLG broadcast by CCTV-1, leading construction machinery boosts BRICS development
Release Date: 2017.09.01 Views: 1436

SDLG is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of three series (loader, excavator and road machinery) and more than 100 types of construction machinery. Based on leading product quality, SDLG has implemented the brand strategy of "building internationalized SDLG and creating a trustworthy brand", established the core brand value of "reliability" and the vision of "becoming an international leading construction machinery manufacturer", conducted comprehensive brand management, and gradually perfected its brand building system, in a bid to build a world-renowned leading construction machinery brand.
SDLG has established several manufacturing bases, tens of marketing service offices and nearly 100 primary distribution channels across the world, with its export volume keeping ahead in the industry. In 2016, SDLG exported its products to the core zone of the EU to occupy international high-end markets, with its sales in the countries along the "Belt and Road" up 60 percent, thus becoming a key construction machinery export enterprise in China. In June 2017, the 1,000th excavator of SDLG Brazil Plant rolled off the line, marking the successful transformation of SDLG from product export to technology and standards export. The acceleration in the internationalization of SDLG has boosted the capacity of China's construction machinery industry for gaining a favorable position in the global value chain of high-end manufacturing in the context of globalization.
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