Congratulations on the Success of “Lingong Cup”14th Shandong Undergraduate Mechanical and Electronic Product Innovational Design Contest!
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From August 7 to 9, the final of the 14th Shandong Undergraduate Mechanical and Electronic Product Innovational Design Contest will be held in Linyi University, Shandong. The contest this year is exclusively named by SDLG and it is aimed at making the innovational practices and activities of teachers and students able to closely connect with the development demand of enterprises and industries, and cultivating more innovative talents. Universities and enterprises cooperate whole heartedly, and carry out collaborative innovation, so as to promote the leaping upgrade of the manufacturing industry.
Scene of the Opening Ceremony
Chi Feng, Chief Engineer of SDLG, delivers an address
 “SDLG has been paying great attention to university-industry cooperation. It has successively established long-term and stable university-industry cooperation relations with multiple research institutions including Beihang University, Jilin University, Shandong University, University of Kentucky in the USA, and Tsinghua University, realizing the maximum effects of enterprises’ technical innovation. In recent years, through the university-industry cooperation, SDLG has made major breakthroughs in technologies related to comfortableness such as ‘research and application of man-machine engineering of construction machinery’ and ‘modal analysis, research and application of vibration attenuation and noise reduction’, thereby breaking the long-term competition pattern of homogenization, and forming leading core technologies in the industry. In this way, SDLG leads the development of the industry.”said Chi Feng, Chief Engineer of SDLG, in his address. 
Wang Yong, Vice Chairman of the Judging Panel of Lingong Group, is reviewing works
In the process of continuously overcoming difficulties and carrying out reform and innovation, with the strong support of technological innovation, SDLG has developed into a pacesetter in China’s construction machinery industry from an unknown small factory. SDLG takes the lead in technological innovation and application, and now it is worthy of the “first brand” of Chinese loaders. The excavators produced by SDLG are also in the top 4 of domestic excavators. SDLG’s products lead the development of the industry in various technical aspects including reliability, comfortableness and energy conservation.
Scene of Works Show of the Contest
Talent is a conclusive element of technological innovation. Such leaping development cannot do without the support of innovative talents. This contest is also a wonderful opportunity for SDLG to reserve talents. In addition to routine activities of contest, this contest has particularly set up a part of “Lingong Scholarship” Innovational Competition.
That day, the “Innovative Practice Base for Teachers and Students in Shandong Universities” co-established by the cooperation group of Shandong universities’ education of construction machinery, the organizing committee of Shandong Undergraduate Mechanical and Electronic Product Innovational Design Contest and SDLG was also formally licensed. It will offer intelligent support to the progress of enterprises and regional economic development through mutual learning and resource sharing.
On the spot, SDLG also held a special information session and on-site job fair, providing students from various universities in Shandong with more employment opportunities.
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