Tangshan Ronghui Service Station of SDLG Was Established
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On June 29th, SDLG, hand in hand with Weichai Power, celebrated together the establishment of Tangshan Ronghui Service Station of SDLG and successfully held the forum to express gratitude and thanks to VIP big customers in Jingtang Port. Tang Junbin, deputy general manager of the marketing company, relevant leaders of Jingtang Port as well as such VIP customers as Fuxing Fleet, Heyun Fleet and Wanli Fleet were invited to attend the forum, and more than 200 distinguished guests witnessed the official establishment of “Tangshan Ronghui Service Station”.
Tang Junbin, deputy general manager of the marketing company, made a speech
In his speech, Tang expressed his thanks to Jingtang Port for its support to SDLG over the years, introduced the development of SDLG in recent years as well as the outstanding achievements it has made, and invited customers of Jingtang Port to visit SDLG and give guidance. Feng Xiutang, director of Tianjin Office of Weichai Power, stated the determination to be committed to serving the engineering machinery industry and the service concept, thus relieving the customers’ worries about engines.
Exhibition of SDLG Certified Accessories
Jingtang Port has 45 berths for specialized collection and distribution as well as general freight transport with an annual handling capacity of nearly 300 million tons as well as more than 1000 engineering machinery equipment. Tangshan Ronghui Freight Transport Co., Ltd. is one of the strongest freight transport companies in Tangshan Port as well as a big customer of SDLG for port direct selling with over 200 loaders at present. With the establishment of the Service Station, SDLG can provide local customers with full and wholehearted services as well as total solutions in an even better manner.
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