On July 22nd, Excavator and Loader Drivers Gathered Together in Hanzhong. Why? !
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The Second Stop of 2017 SDLG “China Top Driver” Training Camp ----- Hanzhong Stop Will Grandly Start!
 ----- Free training and verification of professional technical ability, helping operators obtain national-level job qualification certificates
It is dangerous to drive without license, and the traffic police will check on you if you drive a car without license. Although the traffic police will not check on you if you drive engineering machinery, there are still potential dangers, and reports on all kinds of engineering machinery accidents that have caused injuries and deaths are nothing new!
Do not again drive without license, our operator friends,“China Top Driver” Training Camp is the ladder for you to become an official engineering machinery driver!
----- The opportunity to exchange experience and learn from each other with 100 operators
Are you still worrying about your skills needed to be improved? Are you still crying for the loneliness in the field? Come on! There are 100 operators gathering in 2017 SDLG “China Top Driver” Training Camp. Let’s exchange views and experience, learn from each other and make friends together!
----- Experience top-level engineering machinery products from a very close distance
There are interpretation of new products, trial run and test drive in 2017 SDLG “China Top Driver” Training Camp. Here, you can not only know the latest engineering machinery products of world famous brands, but also experience test drive by yourselves, participate in the competition and win the honor!
----- Step onto the grand stage to show your talent
Do you have super driving skills? Do you have moving stories of kindness? And do you often do public benefit activities? Come to 2017 SDLG “China Top Driver” Training Camp! Maybe you are the brightest “star”!
----- The opportunity to become “China Top Driver” of the year
Top three of the excavator team and the loader team in this Training Camp will be promoted in the final in Linyi, have the opportunity to become “China Top Driver” of the year, and be invited to Beijing in late September of 2017 and step into the hall of honor.
 On July 22nd, 2017, 2017 SDLG “China Top Driver” Training Camp Hanzhong Stop, a splendid journey is about to start!
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