[I Speak for SDLG] SDLG Loaders Have Made Our Brothers
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Lead: Equipment of SDLG is flexible, fuel-efficient, solid and durable, which has proved to be a reliable partner for many years as well as a powerful helper to enrich ourselves, and I speak for SDLG loaders.
Zhang Xuanming, trainee of “China Top Driver” Campaign in Jiuquan
In July, the height of summer, the sun is blazing like a ball of fire. In Jiuquan, Gansu Province, SDLG “China Top Driver” Campaign, a large socially useful activity is in full swing. Zhang Xuanming and Zhang Yaoming, brothers from Jiuquan, with the experience of long-term use of SDLG equipment, have also been invited to participate in the campaign.
Zhang Xuanming and Zhang Yaoming (front), brothers and trainees of “China Top Driver” Campaign
SDLG loaders are not only flexible, but also stable and reliable, which can guarantee extremely high attendance rate. Zhang Xuanming started coming into contact with engineering machinery at the age of 19 and has a quite seasoned understanding of mechanical properties with the working experience of more than 10 years now. “Quality and properties of SDLG engines and gearboxes are very excellent, and among all the brands used in our stone material factory, SDLG loaders have the highest rate of attendance.” said he.
 “As a long road tests a horse's strength , so a long task proves the sincerity of a person.” It is because of the word of mouth of people around that the two brothers have chosen SDLG. “In our old home, SDLG forklifts are widely used. Out of curiosity, we found our acquainted people and asked them about the situation. After that, we operated the equipment by ourselves and had a quite satisfactory experience, and then we began to use the equipment of SDLG.” said Zhang Yaoming. In 2013 and 2014, the two brothers purchased two loaders one after another, and in August, 2015, they again purchased a SDLG excavator. Now, the two brothers are already loyal users of SDLG.
Trainees experienced test drive of SDLG loaders in the Campaign.
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