SDLG Jinan Organized Self Challenge Walk Activity
Release Date: 2017.07.17 Views: 305
In the afternoon of June 30, Party Branch & Labor Union of SDLG Jinan organized the Self Challenge Walk Activity in Baihua Park.
More than 36 people from SDLG Import & Export Corporation, Heavy Machinery Marketing Incorporation, Financing & Leading Department, Jinan Accounting & Settlement Center and Jinan Logistics Department attended the activity. Stretching 6km, SDLG walkers started with East Entrance to Baihua Park and walked for five loops on the synthetic tracks. Those who collected rings in black, orange, pink, blue and five-colors would be regarded as having finished the whole loops. In spite of the hot weather, the walkers were full of passion and finished all the process. 10 of them made good results, winning certificates of honor and gifts. 
By attending the activity, the employees have improved awareness of sport. At the same time, it has enhanced communications among colleagues and revealed their dynamic spirit while stimulating their determination to win the upper hand in competition. 
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