SDLG Import & Export Corporation Held Mid-year Meeting for 2017
Release Date: 2017.07.20 Views: 279
On the afternoon of July 19, 2017, SDLG Import & Export Corporation convened the Mid-year Meeting for 2017. Department heads reported on the performance of their departments in SDLG Import & Export Corporation for H1 of 2017. President Yu also gave instructions on the work in H2. 
At the Mid-year Meeting, the departments reported on their sales, market development and market share. Compared with the same period of last years, overseas sales increased considerably. But they were also confronted with great pressure from competitors. So maintaining the leading position in overseas sales in H2 is the priority target of SDLG Import & Export Corporation. As China pushes forward the Belt & Road Initiative, it brings mammoth export opportunities for manufacturers of engineering machinery. The major task of SDLG Import & Export Corporation is to grasp new opportunities, take new challenges and adapt to new models in the new period. General Manager Wang Xiaohui of SDLG Import &Export Corporation analyzed the situation in the overseas market, saying, “The H2 market in 2017 is not optimistic at all because we face great challenges. As a result, we need to be more determined to speed up transformation and focus on market while focusing on customers and creating values for them. At the same time, we should facilitate market expansion and post-market building to complete the sales target for 2017”. Amid the encouraging words from the top management, managers in various regions of SDLG Import & Export Corporation took their sales target plates. For them, it is not only pressure, but also power. 
President Yu Mengsheng pointed out that, in the new period of opportunities, SDLG Import & Export Corporation should be proactive to take new challenges, enhance management and improve efficiency. Marketing is their battlefield. So it is necessary to build the aggressive marketing model and maintain its leading position in the overseas sales of loaders. 
For engineering machinery manufacturers, Year 2017 is full of changes and development. We have survived the cold winter and the many difficulties. However, market always changes and victory is difficult to obtain. We have to improve our market sensitivity, upgrade teamwork efficiency and work hard to sow more seeds for the market to recover. 
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