What Does the 10-year-old Wheel loader Look Like?
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One third territory of China is now suffering from the hot summer days with highest temperature exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. Because of the greatest discomfort caused by the hot weather, ZKTV reached Lao Wu for a talk,wishing to get some cool feeling. 
Lao Wu was working attentively on the computer, show little enthusiasm to receive ZKTV, making us quite cool in heart. 
Well,we just pretended to talk about work since chatting was not welcomed. 
Talking about work, Lao Wu found more enthusiasm, bringing sweat to ZKTV again. 
Lao Wu is the nickname of Wu Anyong, who works as the senior Service Manager for SDLG Import & Export Corporation. In his 40s, Lao Wu has worked in the overseas market service for more than 10 years. He is proficient in using Bernoulli Equation in fluid mechanics to explain all hydraulic and service issues in the field of engineering machinery. 
Recently, ZKTV is often asked, “You often say SDLG wheel loaders have good quality. But how good are they? How long is their life cycle?”
Well, this is really a difficult question! Though government regulates the design life cycle of engineering machinery is 10 years, it is possible that they might have shorter life cycle for some reason, just like human beings whose life might end because of accident or disease. 
Well, let’s ask Lao Wu and hear his comments. 
He opened the file in his computer and showed me pictures taken by him when making overseas visit. I was deeply impressed by a few of them, asking him to send them to me. 
In Saudi Arabia, Lao Wu visited a world-famous concrete company as shown below:
Since 2008, this company has purchased more than 20 SDLG units. 
And this is what they now look like. Quite durable, aren’t they?
ZKTV asked Lao Wu, “How old is this machine?”
Without saying a word, he threw me another photo:
This working hour meter reveals the machine has worked 17,586 hours. 
According to Lao Wu, this meter is not the original one (the original one has SDLG LOGO). The original meter was replaced by the client when the warranty period expired. It means the machine has worked for at least 20,000 hours. 
What? 20,000 hours? Then how many years?
As a prudent person, Lao Wu showed me the data plate of this wheel loader:
Just explain what serial number is: Serial number of an equipment is like the ID of a person. As the sole identification code, it provides information of equipment configurations, date of production and user, etc. 
By tracing the serial number, Lao Wu finds the detailed information of the equipment in the system:
OMG. Delivered to the customer in 2008, this machine has been used for nearly 10 years. And it is still in use today.
Probably this is not the oldest wheel loader in use. And there might be older ones. 
The best salespeople chat to sell products. Yes, chatting pleasant can help us gain more information. Without chatting with Lao Wu, I would never know how many years can SDLG wheel loaders can last. 
Overseas users tend to have some bias against products made in China, saying China’s wheel loaders have to be changed after 5-year use. But SDLG has proven with facts that it can be trusted as the representative of engineering machinery industry in China. 
China-made products are walking proudly in the leading tier in the world. 
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