Leg 3 of SDLG Top Driver to kick off in Honghe
Release Date: 2017.08.08 Views: 945
Honghe is a multi-ethnic frontier autonomous prefecture. Bordering on Vietnam, with beautiful natural environment, it is the cradle of Yunnan's modern industry, as well as the land channel and bridgehead via which China reaches out to ASEAN. Located at the junction of three metallogenic belts (eastern Yunnan, southeastern Yunnan, western Yunnan), it is rich in mineral resources.
SDLG top drivers to gather in Honghe for a memorable journey on August 10!
"China Top Driver" is an ideal carrier and direct reflection of SDLG's care. Through five years of continuous promotion, the event has become a general public service brand covering four sectors (career growth, public communication, energy conservation and environmental protection, global action) beyond the construction machinery industry, as well as the largest and most influential public service event in the industry.
This time, the flame of "Top Driver" has been spread to Honghe. Hundreds of excavator and loader operators from Yunnan will attend the free training and occupational skill appraisal offered by SDLG "China Top Driver".
We would like to take this opportunity to call on all construction machinery operators to operate with licenses! SDLG "China Top Driver" Training Camp will help you get licenses for free!
Besides, SDLG will organize new product introduction and test driving during the event, and share the experience of top drivers to help construction machinery operators and small & medium customers become well-off.
Notably, the top three in the excavator category and the loader category of the camp will qualify for the finals, stand a good chance of becoming "China Top Driver" of the year, and receive the award in Beijing in late September 2017.
We look forward to your presence at SDLG "China Top Driver" Honghe Training Camp on August 10, 2017!
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