32nd Global Technical Training - Vietnam-specific
Release Date: 2017.07.19 Views: 347
Training on vehicle structures and advantage comparison helped learners get well-informed of mine trucks. The training on aerial work platform integrated lecturing on product mix, operation, maintenance and actual demonstration. 
Vietnam is Southeast Asia's continental starting point of the Belt and Road. It is located in the center of ASEAN economic circle. Over the past two years, Vietnam has stipulated various preferential policies to attract foreign investment, spurring its domestic economic development. Therefore, Vietnam has become a place of strategic importance for Chinese engineering machine manufacturers.
This intensive training aims to set up solid talent basis for Vietnam-specific services so as to propel SDLG's products to soar locally and conquer a leading market share. 
  In July, six sales representatives and service personnel of Vietnam agency received 7-day intensive training in SDLG, which covered evaluation of learner's knowledge and capability, sorting out theatrical knowledge and examination of various equipment failures. The training laid a solid foundation for further opening up the Vietnamese market and comprehensively improving service levels and quality. 
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