SDLG Stands on Your Side Forever
Release Date: 2017.07.19 Views: 1117
SDLG's 45th Anniversary & Ukraine Return Banquet was held in Brovar, Kiev, capital of Ukraine on July 7, 2017. 
The brand new Series F is launched, determined to make a splash. 
Although many other types of engineering machinery are more or less the same, SDLG's are, as always, unique. SDLG is your most reliable cooperative partner. 
Other companies' anniversary ceremonies are nothing but copies of their former ones, but SDLG's is different. It is all because it reaches its 45th anniversary.
The more national, the more global. SDLG, a model of Made in China, was, is and will be global. 
Although there are a variety of engineering machines in China, only SDLG fully lives up to your trust! 

SDLG renders more than reliability. It also delivers beauty !
SDLG will become better and better with your support! 
SDLG lifts your business to a new high!

Innovation in nature is also a kind of inheriting what is the best! 
SDLG stands on your side forever 
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