“Infinite solicitude”--SDLG’s service trip
Release Date: 2017.07.10 Views: 389
 Under the theme of “Infinite solicitude”, SDLG’s service trip officially kicked off in Linyi, Shandong, China last week. The campaign is underpinned by SDLG’s growing focus on customer services in recent years. The opening ceremony was officiated by five members of the top management including Yu Mengsheng, President of SDLG, and Wen Degang, General Manager of SDLG.
Thousands of specialists and more than 1000 service trucks will be deployed to 31 provinces for the purpose of this campaign. They together will visit tens of thousands of customers and bring complimentary maintenance services to their doorstep.
Yu Mengsheng, President of SDLG, said that the service trip is an opportunity for SDLG to provide value added services to its customers. During the ceremony, the representatives of the service teams pledged to serve the customers to the best of their ability and with pragmatism.
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