To Learn More about Made-in-China Products,European Journalists Visit SDLG
Release Date: 2017.07.13 Views: 724
On July 5, a group of journalists from EMEA flew across the globe to visit SDLG’s headquarters. The tour, organized by SDLG, began with a visit to the former residence of Wang Xizhi, the Sage of Chinese calligraphy, followed by a guided tour at the SDLG production facility in Linyi.

As an increasing number of infrastructure projects are springing up along the Silk Road Economic Belt, SDLG is becoming more involved in major national projects. The 2017 One Belt, One Road Summit is a result of the accelerated railway, highways and port projects in different neighboring countries. SDLG machines are becoming a common sight in construction sites abroad.
During the editorial tour, the group learned about the cultural heritage of Chinese calligraphy at the former residence of Wang Xizhi, one of the greatest calligraphers in Chinese history. Many of them tried their hand under the guidance of a calligraphy teacher. On July 6, the group visited the wheel loader and excavator assembly plants at the headquarters of SDLG in Linyi and learned about the smart production system employed by the company. The small Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the factory, in particular,received much attention from the group as they quietly delivered components to different assembly stations. The last stop of the tour was Yizhou Cement production facility in Fei County where the journalists witnessed SDLG machines in action. The interview with their manager deepened the group’s understanding of SDLG in terms of the technical support and aftermarket services provided to the customer.
The two-day tourwas not only a gateway for European journalists to learn about SDLG’s manufacturing capabilities, but also an opportunity to showcase SDLG’s determination to become one of the best Chinese construction equipment manufacturers in the world.
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