SDLG makes "Honest Lushang Brand Image" List
Release Date: 2017.07.13 Views: 665
On July 6, the Release Ceremony of 2017 "Honest Lushang Brand Image" List, hosted by the Shandong Provincial Steering Committee on the Action of Promoting and Building "Honest Lushang Brand Image", organized by the Shandong Provincial Council for the Promotion of Honest Lushang and Shandong Network Radio-Television Station, was held in Jinan. This is the first time that Shandong has released the list. SDLG made the list.
The Action of Promoting and Establishing "Honest Lushang", initiated by more than 50 departments and entities such as the Propaganda Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Shandong Development and Reform Commission, aims to select enterprises for "Honest Lushang" Brand Image List at the levels of the province, city and county (city, district) through the three-level "Honest Lushang" brand building information system, display and publicize some enterprises that have made remarkable achievements in law-abiding and honest operation, human-oriented harmonious development, social responsibility performance and corporate culture innovation, and build a new Lushang cultural brand with Chinese characteristics, Qilu style and the features of the times. Since its beginning, the action has drawn great attention from the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Shandong Province, and received positive response from enterprises.
The selection of enterprises for "Honest Lushang" Brand Image List began in January 2017. Member entities of steering committees at all levels recommended outstanding enterprises from an industrial perspective. New media, including the official site of "Houde Lushang", released the selection announcement, organized and mobilized highly-valued outstanding enterprises for the selection.
Through the six-month three-level building of 56 provincial, municipal and district departments, and the rigorous assessment of more than 260 indexes, SDLG stood out from more than one million enterprises in Shandong to make the list of "Honest Lushang", one of China's five major business groups!
"Honest Lushang" Brand Image List is on a three-level basis. 110 enterprises (five-star enterprises) made provincial "Honest Lushang" Brand Image List. The list at the levels of the city and county (city, district) were released by steering committees at all levels subsequently. The list is worked out on a daily basis. Upon authorization, listed enterprises may use the trademark of "Honesty Lushang" free of charge during image promotion (general authority remains valid for 12 moths and trademark authority is subject to dynamic management). Enterprises which have made the list for three consecutive years may acquire corresponding incentive policy support.
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